A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 1000

Chapter 1000 Dropping Out

“Are you sure you really want to drop out?” Marcus asked, thoroughly heartbroken.

Arielle nodded. “You must have forgotten that I’d graduated from Maxwell University previously. There’s really no need for me to complete my studies here.”

Marcus understood it perfectly, but he could not help feeling sorry to see her go.

After all, Arielle was a student of unmatched brilliance. If only she graduated from Jadeborough University, the school’s reputation would definitely be greatly enhanced.

Instantly guessing Marcus’ concerns, Arielle immediately smiled, adding, “Don’t worry, Mr. Brown. Jadeborough University will always be my alma mater as well.”

“All right, then,” said Marcus, visibly relieved. “I’ll go over the paperwork with you tomorrow.”

Arielle responded with a nod. Then she turned to Wendy, asking, “I’m dropping out of this school from tomorrow onward, but you still owe me fifteen million. When do you plan on paying me back?”

Wendy was struggling to process the fact that Arielle was quitting school after having had enough fun when she suddenly heard herself being reminded to pay back her debt.

Humiliation shot through her heart once again.

Enduring the searing pain on her cheeks, she burst into anger. “I didn’t ask for your help just now!”

“Oh?” Arielle cocked an eyebrow. “Is this your attempt to deny what just happened?”

Indeed, that was Wendy’s intention. However, it was not so much because she was reluctant to see her money go. She just wanted Arielle to feel the pain of spending more than she could afford as well.

Wendy figured whatever money Arielle had, she had probably only gotten it before Henrick was imprisoned, and it should not have been that enormous an amount either. Added to the fact that she had just made two payments of fifteen million each, there should not be much left anymore.

However, just as Wendy was about to offer her sculpture to Arielle as a gift, the onlookers began sneering at her again.

“Isn’t Wendy simply shameless? Forget the fact that she doesn’t have the money, but now she’s also trying to deny having borrowed it.”

“She even pretended as if she was rich during the auction, insisting on bidding against Arielle for the sculpture. I wonder which acting school she attended that turned her into such an actress.”

“Even though she’s wearing perfume, it won’t cover that nasty stench of a b*tch that’s coming off her…”

Wendy’s face immediately darkened.

These people must be blind!

Arielle had just slapped her in front of everyone. Not only had none of them helped her, but even Marcus, the principal, sided with Arielle and claimed that her actions were only self-defense.

Although it had been Wendy who started it, Arielle had not suffered even the slightest injury. Instead, it had been Wendy herself who had been so brutally slapped that it hurt for her to even speak normally.

This isn’t fair!

Wendy’s eyes reddened with fury, and she secretly decided that once she got out of this place, she would ask her father to hire an assassin to kill Arielle, once and for all.

However, all eyes were on her in the present moment, and she had no escape. Thus, she changed her mind, retorting coldly, “I wasn’t trying to deny anything! All I meant is that I don’t need your help! Here, I’ll transfer the amount to you right now!”

She figured her card might be unusable for whatever reason, but she should not have any problem doing a fund transfer with her phone.

“Give me your bank account details!” she demanded in an angry tone.

Shrugging nonchalantly, Arielle showed her the QR code on her phone.

Although fifteen million meant nothing to her, she was not going to let Wendy get away with even a single cent of her money.

However, several seconds soon passed, but Wendy was still operating her phone, looking immensely annoyed. For some reason, beads of cold sweat had formed on her forehead as well.

Arielle could not help but feel puzzled and began to wonder if it was possible that Wendy seriously could not even afford fifteen million, which to her was far from a considerable amount.

In the next instant, Wendy simply lowered her phone, her expression stiff. “The internet connection’s not stable here. I’ll transfer it to you later.”

Arielle became even more suspicious.

With narrowed eyes, she took advantage of the moment when Wendy was still distracted and quickly snatched Wendy’s phone out of her hand.

“What are you doing? Give me back my phone, Arielle!”

Wendy immediately leaped forward to grab her phone, but it was too late. Arielle had already seen the words displayed on the screen.

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