A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 1033

Chapter 1033 Just Curious

At the same time, the chef was also sizing Arielle up. So, this beauty with facial features as exquisite as a porcelain doll is our new boss? I heard she was able to help boost the business without even being here herself! D**n, her looks form such a huge contrast with this greasy little kitchen! She should be out there starring in films instead of running a restaurant!

“Hello, Boss! My name is Glenn Quigley,” the chef stated after snapping out of his train of thoughts.

“Hello, Chef Quigley. My name is Arielle Moore,” she replied while stepping forward to shake Glenn’s hand.

Glenn instinctively held his hand out, only to realize his hand was still covered in grease from cooking earlier.

Thinking Arielle would be disgusted by it, Glenn was about to pull his hand back when she grabbed hold of it and shook it.

“Your reputation precedes you, Chef Quigley! I have tried a lot of your dishes and I absolutely love them! It’s an honor to finally meet you in person!”

Her humble and casual attitude only made Glenn feel a lot more self-conscious.

He quickly pulled his hand back and handed Arielle some paper towels. “I’m sorry, my hand is really greasy. Here, wipe up.”

Arielle simply waved at him and said, “Those who work in the kitchen aren’t afraid of getting a little grease on them!”

She then shifted her gaze toward the stove. “Is that the new dish you’re making?” she questioned. “The beef stroganoff?”

I’m only halfway through preparing the ingredients, and she already knows what I’m going to make?

“You know how to c**k?” Glenn asked in surprise.

“You could say that. How about I try making some beef stroganoff and you can give it a taste?” Arielle suggested with a smile.

The look on Glenn’s face tensed up instantly upon hearing that.

Being a very traditional chef, he would only accept male apprentices.

He never approved of having women work in the kitchen, even if she was his boss.

Letting out a cough, he voiced with a stern look, “I don’t think you belong in the kitchen. You should go work the register with the manager instead.”

A businesswoman like her shouldn’t be fooling around in the kitchen!

“Ms. Moore, I think you should come with me to the office instead!” The manager then lowered his voice to a whisper. “Chef Quigley is usually a really cool guy, but he gets all cranky when it comes to food. He doesn’t want anyone else interfering with his cooking. I mean, you can take me, for example. I thought about helping him heat up the oil in the frying pan earlier because his apprentices weren’t back yet, but he gave me one hell of a scolding instead.”

Before Arielle could even say anything, Glenn spoke up. “Do you think I’m deaf or something? I heard that!”

The manager could only scratch his head awkwardly in response, as he didn’t think the chef would have such good hearing at his age.

“Chef Quigley, will you please just let me give it a try? Think of it as me rewarding you guys for your hard work, okay?” Arielle asked with a smile.

Letting out a cough, Glenn responded, “All right, if you insist. You can try making one portion so you don’t waste the ingredients.”

There’s no way a pretty princess like her could possibly whip up anything decent, anyway! She’s probably just curious and will get bored with it after doing it once!

Seeing as Glenn had given her permission, Arielle quickly put on an apron and went off to prepare the ingredients.

Glenn then stood beside her with his hands behind his back, a gloomy expression on his face.

“You see, Chef Quigley. Ms. Moore really does look like a chef with an apron on!” exclaimed the manager.

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