A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 1034

Chapter 1034 Knife Skills

Glenn looked up and saw Arielle standing before the food cabinet. She was a sight to behold. Though her apron was old and stained, she acted gracefully as though she was clad in an expensive gown instead of an old apron.

Arielle might be pretty, but she didn’t look like she belonged in the kitchen.

After hearing the manager’s words, Glenn’s expression fell.

He scoffed. “She looks like a tyrant who is putting up an act. Just wait and see. She’ll soon cry after the oil pops and splatters on her! This is why I don’t like female apprentices. Women can’t stand hardships! A kitchen is a place full of hardships.” His tone was dripping with disdain.

Right after he spoke, Arielle looked in their direction as though she had heard him.

She had always been gorgeous in an aggressive way. When she wasn’t smiling, her clear eyes looked like they were glinting icily.

Glenn fell silent for a few seconds before swallowing hard.

His apprentices feared him when he gave a nonchalant stomp, but the sight of Arielle made him slightly uneasy.

Without warning, Arielle flashed a smile and asked in a pleasant tone, “Chef Quigley, do you mind if I use half of your ingredients? I don’t think they are of use to you, anyway.”

Glenn frowned. “What do you mean by that?”

Arielle picked up a piece of onion. “Look at this onion. I would’ve thought you didn’t cut it. Also, this mushroom is bigger than the manager’s head.”

The manager touched his balding head, feeling offended by her words.

However, Glenn was even more offended.

He had used a knife since he was seven to learn how to cut carrots. Putting his cooking skills aside, he had spent years practicing his knife skills. This was the first time someone had mocked his knife skills.

His initially stern face turned as dark as thunder.

“What do you mean by that?”

The manager jolted in fright and immediately stepped in to resolve their argument.

After all, Glenn was the reason this restaurant became a big hit. If he left in a huff, this restaurant might lose its customers, let alone branch out.

Before he could say anything, Arielle picked up two cleavers and began chopping the mushrooms deftly.

In just a blink of an eye, the mushrooms were sliced into even slices.

It was pretty hard to chop mushrooms into even slices, for their shapes were unique. However, Arielle made it seem easy.

After slicing the mushrooms, Arielle arranged them on the plate and began chopping the beef.

With one hand pressing down on the beef, she used her other hand to chop it swiftly. Thirty seconds later, the block of beef turned into thin slivers of beef.

She then went on to prepare other ingredients. Glenn, who was originally about to fly into a fit of rage, fell silent. He studied her actions carefully, as though he were her student.

To prepare the sauce, one had to get the mixture right so it wouldn’t be too salty or too light. Arielle knew that well.

After making sure the sauce was well-mixed, she chopped some parsley up. With a sprinkle of parmesan cheese and parsley, a plate of beef stroganoff was done.

Putting on a pair of gloves, she took the plate and offered it to Glenn. With a polite smile, she said, “Chef Quigley, have a taste!”

Glenn couldn’t stop himself from gulping. He put on a nonchalant expression and ate a mouthful of pasta before chewing on it carefully.

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