A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 1035

Chapter 1035 My Mentor

At once, a unique but delicious taste spread all over his mouth.

The beef stroganoff was authentic but better than those restaurants that specialized in it.

Glenn couldn’t help but taste the sauce again.

Compared to his previous nonchalance, he was serious this time.

It was just a bowl of noodles, but it tasted creamy but fresh at the same time. Every ingredient had come together as one, creating a very unique taste.

“How is it, Chef Quigley?” Arielle flashed a grin as she waited for Glenn’s answer.

Glenn said nothing for a while before he picked up the plate and started gobbling the noodles down in big mouthfuls.

Soon, he had emptied the plate. Not a speck of sauce was left behind.

Actions spoke louder than silence. Glenn’s appetite had proved everything.

The manager stomped his feet impatiently. “Chef Quigley, why didn’t you leave some for me?”

Glancing at him, Glenn answered, “Don’t worry. You’ll get to eat it every day.”

The manager halted in surprise, failing to comprehend Glenn’s words. Without warning, Glenn bowed before Arielle.

“Ms. Moore, please take me as your apprentice!” he implored earnestly.

The manager was utterly baffled.

Glenn’s apprentices who had just returned from their shopping trip were confused, too.

What the hell is going on?

His action was within Arielle’s expectations. Calmly, she said, “I can only c**k a few dishes. I still need to learn from you. Instead of becoming my apprentice, why don’t we collaborate to open one hundred branches of Maureen’s Kitchen?”

“One hundred…” Glenn gulped nervously. Tears formed in his eyes as he said, “My mentor died at a young age. Before he left, he told me to make him proud by passing down his culinary skill but I’m too useless…”

“No.” Arielle shook her head firmly. “Six months later, I shall open one hundred branches of Maureen’s Kitchen!”

The apprentices stepped forward carefully.

“Chef Quigley, who is this?” they inquired curiously.

After calming down, Glenn announced sternly, “This is Ms. Moore, the owner of the restaurant. She’ll also be your grandmaster. Please show respect!”

His oldest apprentice was stunned.

“Grandmaster?” But she looks younger than us!

Glenn didn’t bother explaining to his apprentices. He turned to Arielle and queried anxiously, “Ms. Moore, when will you teach me how to make beef stroganoff?”

Arielle gave him a brief nod. “I’ll tell you the details later. In fact, I have prepared some ravioli today. I was thinking of making it our first branch’s specialty to attract the passers-by. Why don’t you have a try.”

“Sure!” Glenn bobbed his head.

He dared not look down on Arielle anymore.

Hearing that, Sasha brought out the ravioli.

The ravioli was placed in an icebox full of ice packs.

Arielle swiftly cooked the ravioli and prepared the sauce.

Once she was done, Glenn and the manager rushed forward to get their portions.

Glenn wanted a taste of Arielle’s cooking, while the manager was just plain curious. How delicious is her cooking to make Chef Quigley bow to her, begging to be her apprentice?

Almost simultaneously, they got a plate of ravioli each.

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