A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 1036

Chapter 1036 Goddess Arielle

After stuffing a piece of ravioli into their mouths, they praised in unison, “Oh, this is delicious!” Their mouths were stuffed.

The other apprentices were still in a daze. Though Glenn told them to address Arielle as “Grandmaster,” they didn’t pay any heed to it.

Just like Glenn, they assumed women could c**k homemade dishes, but not best-selling dishes.

However, they couldn’t stop themselves from getting a piece of ravioli each after seeing how both men enjoyed the ravioli.

A few minutes later, the whole box of ravioli was ravished. There was only one plate left before Arielle.

“Grandmaster!” Glenn’s first apprentice complimented, “How did you make this ravioli? It’s heavenly!”

Glenn gave him an icy glare before turning to Arielle. Grinning, he reminded, “Ms. Moore, I requested to be your apprentice first, so you should teach me first.”

The apprentice’s jaw hung wide in shock.

Meanwhile, two customers waiting outside caught a delicious whiff of something.

One man was brought here by his friend. Swallowing hard, he asked, “I’m hungry. We’ve ordered some time ago, but why the dishes aren’t served yet?”

His friend, a frequent customer of Maureen’s Kitchen, shrugged and answered, “That’s the restaurant’s rule. We can order ahead of time, but they only open at eleven sharp and will serve us after that.”

Hearing that, his companion glanced at his watch. It was ten minutes to eleven.

“I’m starving. Why don’t we head to another restaurant?”

Right then, a gorgeous figure appeared in their sight.

The frequent customer’s eyes bulged wide. “A-Arielle?”

I was right! I did see her earlier! Arielle was a celebrity that he adored recently.

She wasn’t technically a celebrity, for her only work was the Soir Coffee’s commercial. However, it didn’t stop him from viewing her as a goddess.

His companion’s eyes had also rounded in surprise.

“You’re that pretty lady who can play the piano well!”

Flashing a pleasant smile, Arielle placed the plate of ravioli on their table.

“I heard the manager said you’ve been here for a while. We can’t change our rules, and the chef will only begin to prepare your dishes at eleven sharp. This plate of ravioli is our restaurant’s new creation. It’s on us.”

The frequent customer nodded fervently. “Thank you, thank you. We only came earlier to avoid the crowd. Does this restaurant belong to you, though?”

Arielle nodded. “Yes, that’s right.”

The frequent customer went wide-eyed with shock. “Oh, dear. You have a lot of fans, but why haven’t you mentioned this to anyone? They will come here in a heartbeat to support your business.”

Arielle merely smiled in response. “They will only come once. After the trend dies down, I’ll lose all the customers. It’s better to serve delicious dishes and get a steady flow of customers.”

The frequent customer gave her a thumbs-up. “You’re right.”

“I’ll leave you alone, then.” Arielle gave him a curt nod and turned to head to her office.

Though she had made the plate of ravioli for herself, Vinson wasn’t here yet, and she wasn’t hungry. Thus, she offered it to the customers to curb their hunger.

The frequent customer stared at Arielle until her figure disappeared from sight.

“Indeed, she’s my goddess. Look how intelligent she is!” he praised.

Picking up a piece of ravioli, he placed it in his mouth.

At once, tears filled his eyes.

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