A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 1037

Chapter 1037 You Cannot Escape

Oh, this is yummy! It’s heavenly!

Seeing his reaction, his companion shook his head. “I admit she’s pretty and is a great pianist, but you don’t have to overreact. It’s just a plate of ravioli.”

Instead of explaining himself, the frequent customer pushed the plate of ravioli to his friend. “You’ll know whether I’m overreacting after trying it for yourself.”

Though his companion thought Arielle was pretty, he wasn’t her fan. Thus, he took a piece of ravioli nonchalantly and stuffed it into his mouth.

The next moment…

“Oh, wow!” It’s the most delicious ravioli I’ve ever tasted in my life!

The dough was thin, and the moment he bit on it, the contents inside spilled out and spread all over his mouth. Together with the sauce, it created such a rich taste in his mouth.

The frequent customer was pleased to see his friend’s reaction. He cast a look at his friend and asked, “Do you still want to eat at another restaurant?”

Without saying another word, his companion stuffed a few pieces of ravioli into his mouth. His cheeks were bulging as though he were a chipmunk.

“Hey, stop it! Leave a few for me!”

As Arielle waited for Vinson’s arrival, she helped Glenn to improve his dishes.

Though he was a great c**k, under Arielle’s help, the comments that were initially “delicious” became “I can order five helpings of this.”

Glenn nearly hugged Arielle and sobbed his lungs out.

My mentor said geniuses can make delicious dishes with the simplest ingredients. She is definitely a genius!

Vinson finally showed up before the clock struck twelve.

“I’m sorry for being late. I worked overtime so I won’t need to go to work this afternoon.”

At the sight of Vinson, Glenn immediately dispelled the idea of introducing his grandson to her.

Ms. Moore won’t set her eyes on my grandson since she’s with Vinson.

Gloomily, he served Vinson and Arielle the improvised dishes.

“Have a taste.” Arielle placed her chin on her palm, waiting for Vinson’s comment on this dish—garlic sausage.

Garlic sausage was a famous dish in Jadeborough. Many restaurants served this dish, and the taste was similar everywhere.

After chewing carefully, Vinson swallowed it. Under Arielle’s earnest gaze, he said, “It’s really different now. There’s a fresh taste to it. I can’t help but find it memorable. What did you add?”

Arielle’s lips curved into a grin. “Sugar.”

“Huh?” Vinson raised his eyebrow in surprise. “Adding a little sugar changed the taste completely. That’s it?”

Arielle shook her head and responded, “Of course not. I added garlic to the sauce too. That was what made the taste completely different.”

Something twinkled in Vinson’s eyes. He gazed at her affectionately and said, “My wife is amazing at everything. I have such good taste.”

Pushing his shoulder, Arielle huffed, “How could you relate that to yourself? I don’t remember you being this thick-skinned.”

“Of course. When I was pursuing you, I hid all my flaws.”

“What about now?”

“Now that we’re married, you can’t escape from my clutches.”

Arielle’s lips curled into a grin. “Even if we’re married, I can still file for divorce.”

At the mention of their marriage, Susanne popped up into her mind.

Susanne knew they were married, but before leaving the auditorium, she claimed they were living together even though they weren’t married. Clearly, the woman hadn’t accepted Arielle as her daughter-in-law yet.

At that thought, the light in Arielle’s eyes faded away. “Let’s return to Nightshire Manor today.”

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