A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 1038

Chapter 1038 She Cheated On Him

Some things couldn’t be avoided, so she decided to stand up to the challenge and solve the problem.

Susanne’s impression of her had changed slightly. If she refused to move into the manor as instructed by Susanne, the latter might change her mind again.

After Arielle told Vinson about her plan, he fell silent for a moment before nodding in agreement. Holding her hand, he uttered, “If you think you are not happy living there, just tell me at once. I’ll move out with you.”

Arielle was touched by his promise.

She knew Vinson hated trouble, especially anything regarding familial relations. It was obvious by how he’d rather live in a mansion alone than to stay with his family in the manor. He found the family matters rather troublesome.

His willingness to face the problem together with her proved how much he loved her.

Warmth spread all over Arielle’s heart as she gave him a firm nod. “Let’s go back to the mansion and pack up now. There are some ravioli left at home. I can let Mrs. Nightshire try them out.”

Vinson froze at how she addressed Susanne.

The relationship between his mother and Arielle boiled down to how he dealt with it. I have to learn more about how to deal with this.

On the way back to the mansion, Arielle’s social media suddenly descended into an uproar.

Turns out a netizen claiming to be Arielle’s fan had revealed that she was the owner of Maureen’s Kitchen.

The other fans initially had wanted to pay the restaurant a visit, but they became suspicious after seeing the restaurant’s photos.

What? Why is my goddess’ restaurant this simple? Is it a hoax?

The restaurant must be promoting itself here. It’s taking us as fools!

To be honest, I’ve been to Maureen’s Kitchen. Though the deco is simple, the food is really good.

As a foodie, I’ve decided to give it a try.

The fans gathered and decided to head to Maureen’s Kitchen at five in the evening.

Papa A: If it’s delicious, inform us. Though I’m not completely sure it’s Arielle’s restaurant, there is no smoke without fire, right?

Bo2o: Sure. I shall recommend it if the food is delicious!

This was definitely word-of-mouth advertising. If the dishes were tasty, Maureen’s Kitchen would gain a new flow of customers.

After packing up, Vinson and Arielle returned to Nightshire Manor. Susanne was playing cards with a few ladies.

At the sight of Arielle, the ladies wore indecipherable expressions and began murmuring among themselves.

“Isn’t this the lady who got popular online with a video of her playing the piano? My daughter loves her and hangs a lot of her photos in her room. She told me this young woman was accepted to Jadeborough University’s preparatory class as the top student. I can’t believe Vin’s bringing this excellent young lady home!”

“I don’t know about her playing the piano. But her father, Henrick Southall, is the unscrupulous businessman who got sentenced to jail back then.”

“Oh? Did that really happen?”

“That’s not it. Henrick said this young lady isn’t his biological daughter. His wife cheated on him and gave birth to this bast*rd!”

“Bast*rd? What? I need to ask my daughter to remove all her photos in her room!”

“I don’t know what Susanne is thinking. How could she let this young lady marry her son? Did you see her carrying her luggage upstairs? Are they going to get married soon?”

“Susanne is a proud woman. What is she doing?”

“Beats me…”

Susanne happened to return after asking the help to prepare tea for them and overheard their conversation.

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