A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 1039

Chapter 1039 Third Party

When they mentioned the word “bast*rd,” Susanne’s expression turned grim.

The three ladies turned at their shoulders to see Susanne grimacing at them and hurriedly stopped their conversation.

“When did you get here, Susanne?”

Taking a deep breath, Susanne answered, “When you said my son’s girlfriend is a bast*rd.”

The ladies halted in shock.

They thought Susanne would pretend not to hear their comments to preserve her pride, so it came as a shock to them when Susanne exposed them and even admitted that the young lady was Vinson’s girlfriend.

What is going on?

The lady who was dressed most elegantly among them forced a smile and said, “Susanne, don’t take that to heart. We were just talking about the rumors spreading online. I was just about to say that they might be untrue.”

However, Susanne returned swiftly, “They are true.”

The three of them gaped at her words.

Her expression calm, Susanne continued, “Arielle isn’t Henrick’s daughter.”

Their eyes went wide in shock as they assumed Susanne had gone mad to reveal such a secret. Is she saying that her son’s girlfriend is a bast*rd?

However, Susanne added, “But Arielle is indeed Maureen’s biological daughter. Henrick’s the third party. She isn’t a bast*rd like you said. You don’t know everything.”

“O-Oh, I see.”

Susanne met the lady’s gaze and stated, “From now on, I don’t want to hear you calling her a bast*rd anymore.”

The lady immediately nodded. “Of course, I get it. Maureen was really outstanding back then. I’m sure her daughter is as amazing as her.”

Another lady chimed in curiously, “Then, who is her father? Why haven’t we heard of it?”

Susanne’s expression changed slightly at her question. She covered her mouth and let out a light cough. “You don’t have to know. He isn’t an ordinary man, that’s for sure.”

With her assurance, the ladies no longer disdained Arielle.

After all, Susanne wouldn’t allow Vinson to date Arielle if her origins were unknown.

Thus, they stopped wondering about Arielle’s background. “Let’s stop talking about that. Should we begin our game? Luck has been on my side recently,” one lady said with a grin.

Susanne relaxed visibly. “Come on. I’ve prepared tea and snacks in the room.”

That was the end of the topic.

Meanwhile, Arielle had just finished unpacking.

Vinson knocked on the door and came in.

“My mom is busy playing cards, so you can ignore her. I remember you said you need to work on a program on the way home. Do you need my help?” he asked.

“No need. I can handle it myself.” Arielle shook her head in response. “I brought some ravioli back and told your chef to c**k it. It isn’t nice for me to interrupt your mom and her friends, so please deliver some to them later. I remember she loved it back then.”

She should’ve brought some gifts with her, but Susanne didn’t need anything, so she decided to prepare some ravioli to show her sincerity.

“All right. Go back to work. I shall head to the kitchen now.”

Vinson kissed her on the forehead before turning around to leave.

Arielle sent Vinson off with her gaze before turning back to the bionic arm on the desk. Rubbing her hands, she declared, “All right. Let’s get started!”

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