A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 1040

Chapter 1040 Divine Taste

The bionic arm’s program was complicated and prone to blunders, but Arielle had written the robotic pacemaker’s program herself. It was easy to write a program for the bionic arm controlled by the brainwaves.

She could improve the bionic arm if there was some spare time and make its movements smoother, but as she was running out of time, this first version would do.

As Arielle busied herself with the program, the ravioli was served.

The sauce had been prepared in advance, so Vinson just had to lead the help with the tray to the room.

Susanne and her friends had played two rounds of poker by now.

Instead of aiming to win, they would normally chat about the gossip in Jadeborough. However, the air was tense because of Arielle. None of them spoke in fear of offending Susanne.

Thus, they had no choice but to focus on the game. Two rounds later, the ladies were already feeling exhausted.

Right then, the door was pushed open.

Vinson came in with some maids.

Though the game was interrupted, the ladies heaved a sigh of relief.

Usually, they dreaded the sight of Vinson, for he was famous for his ruthlessness in the corporate world. However, this time, they flashed pleasant smiles at his arrival.

When Susanne saw her son, her irritation faded away slightly.

“Vin, what is it?” she queried gently.

Vinson gave way to the maid who walked in with the ravioli.

“Arielle assumed you got hungry, so she prepared some ravioli for you. She made them personally. Please try them out,” he said politely.

Hearing that Arielle had made ravioli personally, the ladies couldn’t help but show mocking expressions.

No socialites would prepare ravioli as snacks.

It wasn’t that ravioli was too cheap but it was too normal a food. Real socialites would never prepare that. They would usually learn how to bake. Making ravioli would never cross their minds.

However, they dared not say that out loud in the Nightshire family. Flashing polite smiles, they said, “Thank you for delivering the food to us.”

When Susanne heard about the ravioli, her eyes lit up.

Initially, she thought ravioli was a bit cheap, but after taking a bite of it, she realized how divine the taste was after tasting it at the flea market.

Standing up, Susanne announced proudly, “I’ve tasted her ravioli before. I assure you, it tastes delicious. We’re a little hungry after playing two rounds of poker. Come on, have some.”

The ladies shared a look, thinking that Susanne had changed a lot.

It’s just ravioli. How good can it be?

Though they shared the same thought, their faces displayed delight as they took their respective plates.

After taking a bite, a new taste exploded in their mouth.

“Oh, this is delectable!”

Their eyes widened in surprise as they scrambled to eat the second one.

After clearing up their plates in a blink of an eye, the ladies, who usually had a strict diet, had the urge to refill their plates.

“Susanne, it’s pretty good. What is it made of?”

“Yes, I’ve sampled black truffle ravioli and other expensive ones, but this is the tastiest ravioli I’ve ever tasted.”

They no longer held the ravioli in disdain.

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