A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 1041

Chapter 1041 Buttering Up

Who would’ve thought ravioli could end up being a heavenly dish?

Realizing Susanne could have this delectable dish every day, they couldn’t help but shoot her envious looks.

Finally, after hearing how her friends praised Arielle, Susanne’s mood improved tremendously.

Looks like I did the right thing by accepting Arielle. She has never disappointed me. The incident at the flea market, her results, and now in front of my friends. It feels like I will get disappointed if I take Arielle’s side as she’s always right. She has never let me down.

Susanne flashed a pleased smirk. “I’m not sure about the ingredients, but I’m certain they are just normal ingredients. Arielle is a great chef who can c**k very well,” she declared.

Vinson shot his mother a surprised look before a grin flitted across his lips.

After hearing Susanne’s words, her friends’ envy heightened.

“Oh, you’re a lucky woman. No wonder you have asked her to move in.”

“Well…” Susanne coughed. “I asked her to move in because she doesn’t have a home to return to. That’s all.”

She left some space for her to backtrack just in case Arielle couldn’t prove her value and embarrass the family.

One lady understood her underlying meaning and smiled. “My family runs a restaurant chain. Ms. Moore can provide some tips and guidance,” she offered.

Though Arielle might not receive Susanne’s approval to get married to Vinson, she didn’t mind buttering up to her for now.

Before the other ladies could speak, Vinson rejected her offer. “Thank you for your kind intentions, but Arielle has her own restaurant—Maureen’s Kitchen. If you like her cooking, you’re welcome to visit and try the dishes. She was involved in improving all the dishes served there.”

“A restaurant?” Susanne was startled. She did not know that Arielle was the proud owner of a restaurant.

Vinson gave a brief nod. “Yes. The restaurant is doing well, and she’s planning on expanding soon. If everything goes according to plan, she’ll make it into a chain just like Soir Coffee before expanding overseas.”

Susanne bobbed her head.

If the expansion goes well just like Vin’s prediction, I can consider letting him marry Arielle.

The ladies spotted her reaction and came up with an idea. “We should thank Ms. Moore in person after eating her ravioli. If possible, can we meet her to express our gratitude?” they suggested earnestly.

Back in the guest room on the second floor.

Arielle was in a conference call with a senior programmer from Sann Group. They were busy writing out the program together in a swift manner.

She was about to try the bionic arm when someone knocked on the door.

After hanging up, Arielle got to her feet and opened the door.

Vinson walked in, followed by Susanne and her friends.

They were dressed elegantly. As Susanne’s poker buddies, they should be wealthy and prominent.

Puzzled, she queried, “How can I help you?”

“Sannie.” Vinson parted his lips to answer, “The ladies find your ravioli tasty. They are here to express their gratitude in person.”

Nodding, Arielle smiled at them. “Ravioli will be added to the menu when the new branch is opened. You’re welcome to pay a visit.”

The ladies nodded profusely, but their gazes were fixed on the bionic arm behind Arielle.

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