A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 1042

Chapter 1042 Peculiar Fetish

Even Susanne had spotted the bionic arm.

As she had no idea it was a bionic arm, she found it similar to a real arm and shuddered in fear.

One lady was wondering why there was a broken arm in Arielle’s room.

Does she have a peculiar fetish? I’ve read a book where the main character suffers from acrotomophilia. He ended up falling in love with an amputee. Though the story is nice, it isn’t acceptable in real life.

She blurted out, “Ms. Moore, what is this?”

Afraid that it was Arielle’s peculiar fetish, Susanne was about to stop her friends from entering the room, but it was too late.

Before she could do anything, they had gathered in a circle around the bionic arm and were pointing at it with disapproving expressions.

Susanne was about to lash out at Arielle, but she recalled how Arielle had never let her down. Holding her anger back, she asked, “Arielle, what is this?”

Vinson looked at Arielle curiously, for he had no idea what it was, too.

Calmly, Arielle explained, “This is a bionic arm. It can help an amputee return to a normal life.”

At her words, a complicated look flashed on one lady’s face.

Susanne’s confusion intensified. “Then, why is it in your room?” she urged.

“Let me explain, Susanne,” Arielle said. “This is a new product of my company. Due to the change in personnel, we have vacancies for programmers. I dabble in programming, so I brought this back to write its program.”

“Oh, I see.” Susanne gave her an approving look. “I didn’t know you can write programs.” One could sense how pleased she was from her tone of voice.

Right then, the lady who had a complicated expression on her face grabbed Arielle’s arm. “Ms. Moore, are you telling the truth? Could this thing allow amputees to return to a normal lifestyle?” she demanded anxiously.

Arielle was initially shocked, but she quickly calmed herself down and nodded. “Yes. It can replace a human arm and carry out daily activities like holding a fork. That’s what we have programmed it to do. But of course, it still can’t carry out some complicated activities. However, this is just the first-generation bionic arm. We’ll improve the product, and it can replace a human arm perfectly soon.”

Without warning, the lady burst into tears and wailed, “Oh, this great. This is simply wonderful!”

Arielle wore a confused expression, for she had no idea why the lady suddenly started crying.

Another lady began explaining, “Her youngest son was involved in an accident after joining a race a year ago. He lost an arm in the accident. Since then, he gave up on life and lock himself in his room, refusing to see anyone. Ms. Moore, if your product is as useful as you claim, you might be saving her son’s life.”

The lady grabbed Arielle’s arm and begged Arielle.

“Ms. Moore, please save my son!”

After understanding the situation, Arielle helped her up. “Calm down. I’ve just finished writing the program, so the product will only be launched next month. Since you’re Susanne’s friend, I can gift this test product to your son.”

The lady was delighted. “Really? Thank you so much! I owe you one!” she exclaimed.

She then turned to Susanne and bowed politely. “Susanne, thank you so much. The Seyward family owes you one!”

Susanne was inwardly pleased, but she put on a sympathetic expression and nodded calmly. “We’re friends, so it’s all right. Arielle, can it be put to use now? If possible, we can take it to her house to let her son try it out.”

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