A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 1043

Chapter 1043 An Embarrassment

Arielle wasn’t sure about it. “I haven’t tested it yet, but it should be all right. We can test it on him.”

As she had intended to test it out, it would be better if she tested the product on a user. That way, she could also find out about the user’s experience. It was killing two birds with one stone.

Having made up their minds, everyone made their way to the Seyward residence at once.

Susanne got into the same car as Arielle. By now, she had grown increasingly satisfied with Arielle and regretted picking Wendy as a candidate for daughter-in-law.

At the thought of Wendy, she asked Vinson, who was in the passenger’s seat, “How did the Greene family’s case go?”

“They have solid evidence. The hearing is going to be held tomorrow,” came his reply.

Susanne gave a curt nod and lost interest in the subject.

Meanwhile, in the other car.

The two wealthy ladies were gossiping about Arielle.

“Do you think that thing can work wonders? Can it replace a human arm for real?”

“Sann Group’s product works. Remember how they develop a product to replace the heart? But It’s hard to say if it’s a product by Southall Group. We shall wait and see.”

“Right. Arielle herself is in charge of writing the program. I read in the news that she’s a freshman at Jadeborough University. A freshman knows nothing about programming! If it can’t be used, Mrs. Seyward would have begged her for nothing. Did you see how proud Susanne looked back there?”

“Of course. I saw it clearly. If the arm can’t be used, that will be a huge embarrassment!”

They chattered on happily with different agendas on their minds.

Susanne will allow Arielle to marry into the Nightshire family if the bionic arm proved to be useful. I initially wanted to introduce her niece to Vinson, but if everything worked out, my plan will go down the drain.

Another lady thought, The Seyward family is currently dominating the food and beverage industry in Chanaea. Mrs. Seyward had given birth to a son and a daughter. If her son gathers himself again, my family’s plan of entering the food and beverage industry will have to be delayed.

Though they had different agendas, they shared the same wish—none of them wanted the bionic arm to work.

Soon, they arrived at the Seyward residence.

The Seyward family had a chain of food businesses consisting of a group of restaurants in many locations that share a name and served Ustranasion cuisine. They dominated the food and beverage industry in Jadeborough.

After their only son became a cripple, the Seyward family’s future seemed bleak.

As Agnes brought them into her house, she sighed. “We had no choice but to amputate his arm as there was excessive tissue damage. If we insisted on keeping his arm, it might affect the other part of his body. After that incident, Bjorn became a changed man and would fly into a fit of rage easily. If anything doesn’t go his way, he’ll break everything in sight. I was the one who signed the agreement to amputate his arm, so he vents his frustrations on me and refuses to leave his room. Now, I’ll leave the house early morning to prevent angering him,” she explained.

Forcing a smile, she looked at them with her teary eyes.

As it was impossible to give birth to another son at this age, she could only hope for Bjorn—her only son—to get better.

Hence, Arielle was her only hope. Naturally, she did her best to make Arielle feel welcomed.

“Have some Darjeeling tea. You’ll love it. I’ll ask Bjorn to come out,” she said warmly.

Arielle nodded and took a sip of the tea. She then took the bionic arm from Vinson and started fiddling with it.

The other two ladies held their cups, but their eyes were fixed on Arielle. In unison, they chanted silently.

Don’t succeed. Please don’t let her succeed.

At the same time, Agnes pushed the door to Bjorn’s room open.

The room was pitch dark, but Agnes could see Bjorn practicing how to use a fork with his left arm under the dim light.

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