A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 1044

Chapter 1044 Leave Me Alone

However, Bjorn was right-handed. No matter how hard he tried to control his left hand, he couldn’t even lift a piece of noodle.

Agnes watched as Bjorn’s hand trembled, and the noodle fell to the ground.


At once, Bjorn let out a disappointed roar. He picked up the bowl and smashed it to the ground. It immediately cracked into pieces.

Shocked, Agnes switched on the lights and scurried into his room.

“Bjorn! Bjorn, calm down!”

She clung to his waist tightly, but it only served to heighten his maniacal actions. He waved his limbs around wildly to vent his frustrations.

In an unexpected move, his kick landed on Agnes’ stomach.

“Ow!” Agnes yelled in pain. She held her stomach and curled into a ball on the ground as cold sweat formed on her forehead.

Bjorn finally came back to his senses and stared at her in consternation.


However, rage soon took over. “Why are you here?” he demanded icily. “Didn’t I tell you to stay away from me?”

After the pain subsided, tears streamed down Agnes’ cheeks. “Bjorn, I’m really sorry. I shouldn’t ask you to race with someone else’s children to save my pride. It was my fault the accident happened. You’re an obedient child. You’d have been fine if I didn’t ask you to do that. But the amputation was for your own good. The doctor said if it spread to your other organs, you might die. I had no choice but to—”

“Shut up!” Bjorn hollered as tears sparkled in his eyes.

He turned away from her so she wouldn’t see him crying and added harshly, “You should’ve let me die at the hospital!”

“Bjorn, how could you say that?” Agnes shrieked.

“So what? I’m a cripple who can’t even go out. Is this any different from being dead?” he declared.

Agnes’ back stiffened. She belatedly realized why she was in his room and scrambled to her feet. Taking Bjorn’s arm, she uttered, “I found someone who can treat you! You can return to living a normal life soon!”

Bjorn was taken aback, but he swiftly regained his composure and sneered. “Do you think I’m still a child? Is this another trick so I will leave my room? I’ve lost my arm! How can the person treat me? I won’t leave this room until I die! No one is allowed to see me in this state!”

Before Agnes could say anything to persuade him to change his mind, an icy voice rang out. “Your mother gave birth to you and brought you up. Is this how you repay her? By being rude to her?”

Bjorn’s eyes widened in surprise at that voice, for he had no idea there was a stranger in his house.

After losing his arm, he left orders that no strangers were allowed entry. Agnes wasn’t allowed to bring any guests back for fear that someone would spot him.

Bjorn turned instinctively and saw an extremely beautiful young woman glaring at him frostily.

He hid his broken arm behind him subconsciously, but the empty sleeve was pretty obvious.

Bjorn’s pride was wounded. He glowered at Arielle and exclaimed, “Who are you? Leave now!”

Agnes stood in front of him and apologized to Arielle profusely. She then told Bjorn, “Bjorn, this is the young lady who can help you.”

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