A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 1045

Chapter 1045 What Is Your Decision

“My life can return to normal?” Bjorn’s eyes nearly popped out of their sockets. However, he had been constantly disappointed by his mother’s words now.

“Stop lying to me. I’m nothing but a cripple that needs someone to feed me in order to stay alive! I’d rather be an animal. How will I return to a normal life?” Bjorn demanded. He pointed at Arielle and yelled, “Ask this woman to leave me alone, or else I’ll commit suicide now!”

Sobbing, Agnes said, “I’m sorry, Ms. Moore. Why don’t you come over another day?”

Just then, a tall figure appeared in their sights.

“Bjorn Seyward, right?”

Bjorn stared at Vinson in disbelief.

“Mr. Nightshire?”

The Seyward family was a prominent family. Though he hadn’t interacted a lot with Vinson, they had met a couple of times and were acquaintances.

Arielle glanced at Vinson, who had appeared behind her. “Why are you here?” she inquired.

She was wandering around, looking for the bathroom, when she overheard Agnes and Bjorn’s argument and made her way here.

Vinson gazed at her and replied gently, “You didn’t come back, so I came searching for you.”

He then turned to look at Bjorn.

Bjorn’s matter was related to another rich brat. However, Vinson would never b**t into someone else’s business.

Now that Arielle had involved herself in the matter, he considered himself involved, too.

“I thought you were a real man. As your mother had been mocked for giving birth to a cowardly bookworm who dared not accept a racing challenge, you took up the challenge and joined the race. After losing an arm, you’re back to your cowardly self. You’re such a letdown!”

Bjorn bit his lip. He admired and respected Vinson a lot, not because Nightshire Group was a leading company in Chanaea, but because his goal was to become someone like Vinson.


“You know nothing!” he managed between gritted teeth. “Your arms are still intact, so you don’t understand how hard it is to live as a cripple!”

“Hard?” Vinson scoffed. “Do you think you have it hard? Your mother dared not stay at home for fear of invoking your wrath. Your father worked hard to expand his business for fear that you’ll have no one to rely on after they passed on. You keep saying that your life is hard after losing an arm, but what about your parents? Have you ever considered them?”

“I…” Bjorn’s lips trembled as his gaze fell on Agnes.

Though Agnes was dressed tastefully in an expensive outfit like usual, her wrinkles were visible even to the naked eye.

She looked like she had aged a dozen years in just two years.

One couldn’t hide one’s age using cosmetics.

It’s all because of me.

“Mom…” he said softly.

Tears flowed down Agnes’ face as she shook her head fervently. “Bjorn, it isn’t hard for me. I can live outside forever if you can return to normal.”

Bjorn hung his head low, his emotions in a turmoil.

Right then, Arielle spoke up. “Mr. Seyward, you have an opportunity right in front of your eyes. There’s a chance for you to return to normal. What is your decision? If your answer is no, I’ll leave right away.”

Without giving Bjorn time to mull over it, Arielle grabbed Vinson’s hand and strode out.

At the sight of Arielle leaving, Bjorn immediately ran after her, his worries long forgotten.

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