A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 1046

Chapter 1046 The Entire Seyward Family


Bjorn Seyward rushed out of the room.

Agnes froze. It was the first time Bjorn willingly stepped out of his bedroom after coming home from the hospital.

Her eyes then slowly drifted toward Arielle’s back. It was then that she realized Arielle was trying to light the candle of hope in Bjorn’s heart.

If Bjorn did not cooperate with Arielle, there was no way she could fit the bionic arm on him.

Thus, Agnes fell silent, deciding to leave everything to Arielle.

“Wait! Wait a second!” Bjorn reached out to pull Arielle’s sleeve.

However, another hand shot out and blocked Bjorn’s hand.

Stunned, Bjorn slowly lifted his head to look at the owner of the hand before his eyes flicked between Arielle and Vinson.


“Let me make an introduction. This is my wife,” Vinson said as he put an arm around Arielle’s shoulders as if he was asserting his dominance.

No wonder he won’t let me even touch her.

Hence, Bjorn quickly retracted his hand and softly muttered an apology. Then, he looked at Arielle and uttered, “I want to take this chance. I want to become normal.”

Even in his dreams, he longed to have his arm back.

Arielle slowly turned toward Bjorn and replied, “You’re already normal.”

Bjorn stiffened. Curiously, he asked, “What do you mean?”

Arielle gave him a small smile. “I’ll definitely treat your arm, but what’s difficult to treat is your heart. Since you’ve run out of your room to come after me, it means that you haven’t given up completely. If that’s the case, we may start working on your arm.”

Bjorn’s eyes slowly widened.

Calmness and determination were written all over the woman’s pretty face. It felt as if she was talking about the weather instead of about treating his arm.

All along, his family refrained from mentioning his arm, and they always faced him with solemn looks. No one had ever talked about his arm with such tranquility on their faces before.

Arielle’s tone made him feel respected, and it lit the candle of hope in him again.

Gritting his teeth, Bjorn then asked, “How should I cooperate with you? My right arm’s… already gone. Do you have a way to regrow it?”

Arielle shook her head. “I’m no god. I won’t be able to regrow your arm, but I can give you one.”

Her words took Bjorn aback, but Arielle ignored it and pointed in the direction of the living room instead. “Let’s go there.”

Bjorn hesitated, but he soon tightened his left fist and strode toward the living room.

When Agnes saw that, tears rolled down her cheeks again.

Glancing at Agnes, Arielle then said, “People like him dislike sympathy most. He’ll still lack confidence after putting on the bionic arm, so please treat him as you would to a normal person from now on. Talk to him as if that car accident never happened. Don’t hold back if he makes any mistakes. Feel free to shout at him and hit him, but don’t make him feel like he’s not the same as he used to be.”

As Agnes tried her best to control her flowing tears, she nodded fervently and said sincerely, “Thank you. Thank you so much, Ms. Moore.”

Arielle shook her head. “It’s nothing. This is just part of an equivalent exchange. We’ll talk about what you’re going to offer after the successful activation of the bionic arm.”

However, Agnes exclaimed, “As long as you can return my son to his normal state, you can have the entire Seyward family!”

Arielle’s lips curled, but she said nothing as she went to the living room with Vinson.

What she wanted was not the Seyward family but only Bjorn Seyward.

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