A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 1047

Chapter 1047 Endurance

The group soon came to the living room.

When the two socialites and Susanne saw the hollow sleeve by Bjorn’s side, similar looks of surprise appeared on their faces.

However, Susanne was slightly better than the others, for she quickly tucked away that expression and put on a smile. “Bjorn, it’s been a while.”

It was not that Bjorn had not seen the looks on their faces, but his hope was not going to die out that quickly.

Thus, he nodded at Susanne before landing his gaze on the bionic arm on the coffee table.

“Is this the arm you said you’ll give me?”

It looks a lot like the prosthetics I bought in the past. If what I’m going to put on is just a prosthetic, I’m still going to be a disabled person.

Having read his mind, Arielle swiftly explained, “This isn’t an ordinary prosthetic arm; it’s an AI bionic arm. It uses your brainwaves, which means you use your brain to control it. As long as you train with it, it’ll work like it’s part of you.”

Bjorn’s eyes widened, and he asked, “Really?”

“You can try it out for yourself whether or not it’s real. You’ve been in a slump for two years. What’s a month to you?”

At that, Bjorn steeled himself and nodded. “I understand. What do I do?”

“Sit down,” Arielle said as she motioned to him and walked toward the bionic arm.

Then she pressed a little lump on the bionic arm that no one would notice.

In the next second, the bionic arm opened up and revealed its interior.

Susanne and the others curiously leaned over, and they saw that the realistic arm was full of wires and circuit boards on the inside.

As Arielle had said, the arm was no ordinary prosthetic.

The next thing they saw was Arielle tapping and fidgeting with the circuit board, but they did not know what she was doing.

A dozen minutes later, Arielle stood up. “I’ve activated it, so I’m now going to put it on for you. The process might hurt a little.”

Bjorn nodded, unfazed by her warning. That pain was nothing to him.

Indeed, it was a painful process, but Bjorn never once furrowed his brows. He only bit down hard and forced himself to stay silent.

The connection process between the bionic arm and the body was complicated and troublesome, so Arielle had to keep testing things out.

Just the installment of the bionic arm alone took half an hour, during which the two other socialites nearly fell asleep from boredom.

On the other hand, Susanne was watching her work intently.

Arielle looks a lot like Maureen when she is focusing on something. She’s passionate about her career, just like her mother.

Back then, she used to head to Maureen’s office first if she invited her out for a cup of coffee. During those moments, she would see the focused look on Maureen’s face that she shared with her daughter.

Men who were focused on their work were s**y, and so were the women who did the same.

Finally, the bionic arm was connected to Bjorn.

Arielle let out a sigh of relief before rising to her feet. “You might feel pain at the start when the bionic arm tries to fit with your body. It’s the same theory as putting on your prosthetic limb. Once the area grows calluses, you’ll be less aware of it. However, you might need around two weeks to get used to it.”

Bjorn nodded. “I can endure this much.”

Arielle nodded before finally switching on the bionic arm.

At that moment, Bjorn felt the socket tighten up before his attention shifted to Arielle, who was taking out a small laptop.

“Now, we’ll start testing out the brainwave connection. Once it’s done, you’ll be able to control the bionic arm.”

At that, Bjorn inhaled as his heartbeat quickened.

It was an hour later when they finally made some progress.

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