A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 1049

Chapter 1049 Right Judgment

“Don’t!” Arielle hastily stopped them before the two of them could kneel before her. “I said that this is part of an equivalent exchange. Since I’ve helped you out, you should also agree to a request of mine.”

Without hesitation, Agnes nodded. “Please speak your mind. As long as it’s within our capabilities, we, the Seyward family, will definitely do it.”

Arielle waved dismissively. “It’s not that troublesome.”

She then leaned toward Bjorn and whispered into his ears.

Agnes did not know what Arielle had said to him, but after a moment of hesitation, Bjorn nodded and replied, “Don’t worry, Ms. Moore. I’ll definitely practice well and do my best to work with you when the time comes.”

“Thanks!” Arielle patted his shoulder before turning to Vinson and Susanne. “Everything’s solved now, so let’s go. Susanne, what would you like to eat tonight? Why don’t I make it for you?”

Susanne was completely won over by Arielle, but the pride in her bones made her huff, “We have a chef at home, so don’t bother trying to make a mess in the kitchen. If you insist, then make a few plates of ravioli.”

“All right.” Arielle smiled at her, and that smile momentarily dazed her.

Susanne had seen many pretty socialites, but few could have a smile as honest as hers.

She had to admit that Maureen had given birth to a good daughter.

Her judgment had been right, and she had not wrongly placed her trust in Arielle.

Giving Arielle the chance was the best decision she had recently made.

As Bjorn had not gone out of the house for a long time, he could not stay out under the sun for long. Thus, he could not send them off. Nevertheless, when he said his goodbyes to them, his eyes were filled with visible gratitude.

Arielle had not only given him an arm; Arielle had given him a life.

From then on, his loyalty was Arielle’s to take.

Agnes personally sent the three away. Before they left, Agnes pulled Susanne to the side and whispered something to her.

Arielle and Vinson did not know what Agnes had said, but Susanne’s smile widened after that, and she waved at Agnes before getting into the car.

Soon, the car was heading toward Nightshire Manor.

On their way back, Susanne asked, “Do you know what Mrs. Seyward said?”

Arielle shook her head.

Susanne continued, “She apologized for crossing you earlier. From now on, the Seyward family would do anything we ask them to.”

Agnes had also praised her for finding an excellent daughter-in-law like Arielle, but that was something the prideful Susanne did not say out loud.

However, after a brief pause, Susanne praised, “You’ve done well this time. Keep it up.”

At that, Arielle shared a look with Vinson before smiling. “I’ll keep doing my best.”

Susanne shrugged. She then intentionally looked away from Arielle’s and Vinson’s linked hands, choosing to stare out of the window instead.

Meanwhile, in the Seyward residence, Bjorn was already capable of carrying out simple actions such as clenching his fist and raising his arm after a few minutes of practice.

When he saw his mother return after sending off the guests, he hurried over to her side. “Mom, I might be able to learn how to use the utensils with my right hand tomorrow.”

Agnes nodded, her eyes still damp with tears. She then looked at the sky outside and wistfully said, “Our family is finally getting back on the right track.”

When Bjorn heard that, the smile on his face faded a little. After taking in a deep breath, he said, “Mom, I wish to go to the office with Dad tomorrow to take a look around.”

Agnes beamed as the tears rushed out again.

She nodded vigorously and muttered, “All right. I’ll tell your father the good news when he comes back. Those who have been thinking of usurping our place in the food and beverage industry have to hear about this good news too. By the way, what did Ms. Moore tell you? What does our family have to do to repay her kindness?”

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