A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 1051

Chapter 1051 Penniless

“But we’re completely penniless right now. Where can we go?” Wendy choked out.

Cecilia gritted her teeth and said, “I’ll be going back to Horington to look for your uncle. Stay in Jadeborough and study hard. Make sure you take this chance to get into Maxwell University. As long as you enter that university, I’ll be able to connect you with certain people so that you’ll be able to marry into a good family.”

“A good family,” Wendy repeated before snorting.

I can only marry middle-class families at most. No wealthy family would accept someone like me, who has been in prison.

Only Wendy herself knew how far she had fallen—from being capable of marrying Vinson to barely capable of marrying into “a good family.”

I can’t rely on Mom anymore. I can only rely on myself. Every Chanaean knows that the Greene family has fallen from grace, but what about Epea? Epea has tons of wealthy families. As long as I get into Maxwell University, I’ll be able to approach a rich, influential Epean man. I can still try my luck for a good future.

“Okay,” Wendy replied after tensing her jaw. “I’ll definitely get into Maxwell University.”

This is my one and only chance to turn the tables.

Cecilia nodded before reminding, “Stop trying to infuriate Arielle after you go back to school. She’s not someone we can afford to cross anymore. All you need to do now is to focus on your studies. Don’t do anything else. Do you understand?”

Wendy bit down hard on her lower lip as she listened to her mother.

She was unwilling to admit defeat just like that.

She simply did not want to.

However, the truth was that she had to.

Hatred was a seed that was long planted in her heart and had grown into a towering tree.

The sky slowly turned dark. Cecilia did not even have the money to buy a plane ticket to Horington. She had to seek the help of her younger brother to be able to get on the plane to fly back to Horington.

After the plane touched down, Cecilia spotted her younger brother, Trevor, at the doorway.

Trevor had already looked into what happened to the Greenes, so when he saw his sister, he walked toward her with a scowl on his face. “Why are you still booking first-class tickets at a time like this?”

Cecilia drew her brows together. “Trevor, what are you trying to say? Without the Greenes, you’re just a gambling addict who needs me to provide for you. What’s the matter? Now that something has happened to the Greene family, you won’t even let me book a first-class ticket?”

At that, Trevor exhaled slowly before saying, “There are a lot of journalists at the airport, so let’s not start an argument here. Let’s go back first.”

Cecilia nodded. Then, recalling her daughter, she said, “My account has been frozen, so send some living expenses to Wendy.”

With the scowl still on his face, Trevor reluctantly nodded. The two then went back to the Larson residence.

Meanwhile, at Jadeborough, Wendy received ten thousand from Trevor’s account. At that moment, she nearly choked on her saliva.

Mom said that he’d give me some money, but he only gave me ten thousand? What can I do with ten thousand? I can’t even buy a Chanel bag!

Wendy was so furious to the point her face was bright red, and she immediately called her mother to complain.

After Cecilia heard her daughter’s complaint, raw anger pulsed through her body as well. Instantly, she whipped her head around and said to Trevor, “Wendy told me that you only transferred ten thousand to her. Are you expecting her to use the money to cover her living expenses for the next few days?”

“Next few days?” Trevor barked out a laugh. “That will be her living expenses for the year. Does she still think that she can be the princess of the almighty Greene family?”

Cecilia clenched her fists and questioned, “Trevor, what are you trying to say? What makes you think that you can just give her ten thousand and make it last for a year? How long do you think she can last with ten thousand?”

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