A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 1055

Chapter 1055 True Identity

The queen mother and the queen were constantly trying to gain more power, but Dylan never cared about that. It was as if he was a puppet king.

However, now, for his daughter, Dylan was going to act like a king.

Sybil was thrilled as he realized the king of Turlen had finally come back to his senses and was trying to regain his rightful power.

The old subordinates like him no longer needed to endure the curses of the others about how they were the dogs of the puppet king.

Dylan stared out of the window, eyes bright.

“Remember not to alert anyone to this.”


However, right as Sybil stepped out of the room, he spotted Aaron walking toward him.

“Your Royal Highness,” Sybil greeted with a smile.

Aaron’s cold eyes studied Sybil for a second before he uttered, “Is Father inside? I’ve already completed my mission. Why won’t he see me yet?”

A complicated look flashed past Sybil’s eyes, but he was quick to smile at him.

“Your Royal Highness, you’ve only completed one task. You still have another left. Have you completed the task regarding the Mill family? We, Turlen, are better in everything than everyone else but medicine. We have to win over the Mills.”

The corner of Aaron’s lips turned downward. “They’re going to elect their head of the household the starting of next month, and I’ve already sent my men to infiltrate them. It’s just a matter of time until I complete my task. I’m only looking for Father to ask him something about the first mission.”

Sybil’s heart skipped a beat at that.

Has Aaron figured something out?

In the next second, Aaron continued, “But since he won’t see me, it’ll be fine even if you’re the one to answer me. Why is he checking the DNA of an ordinary outlander?”

Forcing himself to be calm, Sybil then said, “Your Royal Highness, this is actually a personal matter of mine, so… you don’t actually need to ask His Majesty about it. It’s just me being absurd.”

Aaron snapped his head toward Sybil.

“Don’t tell me you have an illegitimate child out there.”

Sybil instantly put on a panicked look as he grabbed Aaron’s shoulder. “Your Royal Highness, please! If this news spread, my whole family would be executed. So, please, please keep this a secret for me!”

Aaron gasped before chuckling quietly. “I knew it. I was wondering why Father told me that was a top-secret task even though it was so simple. He did that for your sake!”

Sybil admitted, “Yes. His Majesty has always been gracious to me. I swear to you that I will repay your kindness.”

Aaron pursed his lips. “Glad to hear that. Anyway, that is great news to me.”

Hearing that, Sybil tilted his head to the side, confused. “Great news?”

“Yes.” Aaron nodded.

If the law changes one day, I might be able to marry Arielle. If I have that girl as my wife, I’m sure life wouldn’t be as boring as now.

An odd, fearful feeling surged through Sybil as he stared at Aaron’s smiling eyes, but he did not know why.

“Well then, return to whatever you were doing at the start. I’m going to make preparations for the Mills’ matter.”

Aaron then patted Sybil’s shoulder and left in a visibly good mood.

Sybil could only scratch his head in confusion. He could sense that things seemed to be spiraling out of control.

Nevertheless, he did not dwell on it. As long as Aaron doesn’t know about the princess’ true identity…

Thus, Sybil smoothed out the wrinkles on his sleeves and left as well.

Soon, it was the next day.

At Moore Group’s technology department in Chanaea, the AI programmer said as he pointed at a piece of trending news on the internet, “Look, look! Our company is trending!”

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