A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 1056

Chapter 1056 Trending Cursing

When another programmer heard that, he jumped in shock.

He then whipped his head around to look at the first programmer who was reading the trending headlines intently. “How can you still be smiling? Don’t you know how many were cursing at our company when Henrick was arrested? Even the store owner of the restaurant opposite refused to sell me breakfast! Now that I finally can buy breakfast, we’re back on trending! Stop smiling! You’ll have to buy me breakfast from now on if you keep this up.”

“No, no.” The first programmer waved his hand. “They’re not cursing at us this time. They’re encouraging us.”


Immediately, a group of people crowded around, a pungent scent of perspiration filled the air. The first programmer quickly waved his hands in disdain as he spat out, “What are you doing? You have phones! Look at the news on your own.”

At that, they quickly took out their phones and checked the news out.

Then, they saw the headlines—Southall Group Changes Name—on the top five trending headlines.

Upon clicking in, they saw a piece of news article talking about how Southall Group was officially changing its name to Moore Group. Furthermore, Arielle was now the owner and the chairman of the company.

Also, the one who had posted that was none other than Arielle.

Arielle’s fans left comments under the post in support of their goddess.

Some fan commented: Ah! My goddess is now a chairman! This is like one of those motivational stories!

Of course, other than the cheering fans, there were also people expressing their doubts in the comments.

One netizen commented: Are they all goldfish? Do they only have seven seconds of memory? Have they all forgotten about how Henrick nearly killed a whole village full of people?

Arielle’s fans were quick to explain.

A fan retorted: We haven’t forgotten what Henrick has done, and we won’t deny what he has done. However, the one who did that is Henrick, not our goddess.

Another fan chimed in: Agreed. Arielle was there when Henrick was at court back then. Was she biased toward him at that time? She has nothing to do with the bad deeds done by Henrick, so please stop attacking her. Southall Group has changed its name to Moore Group, and that means that Arielle has cut ties with Henrick. I’m sure that with her leading the company, Moore Group will only do good deeds that will benefit the people and the consumers.

The two sides soon engaged in a ferocious verbal fight.

The netizen refuted: Don’t jump to conclusions. The minds of people are unfathomable. Even the dragonslayer might end up becoming an evil dragon itself one day, let alone Arielle.

Another netizen commented: Although Arielle isn’t Henrick’s biological child, she has been with him for quite a while. Who knows if Henrick managed to brainwash her?

The other netizen claimed: No matter what name Southall Group changes to, I’ll never buy their products!

Following that, a netizen added: All businessmen are crafty people. Even if Arielle is now still kind, she’s no longer a student but a business owner. You, as her fans, will be the first batch of lab rats for her.

The programmers were thrilled to see the support of the fans, but when they saw the curses and insults of the others, their hearts sank.

They were currently the employees of Moore Group, so everything that happened to the company would be reflected on them.

For others to be cursing at the company meant that they were also cursing at them.

Thus, they were all livid.

“Why are we held accountable for those trashy things Henrick has done? Wasn’t he already punished for what he did?”

However, when Kimi stared at the trending headlines, he could not help but wonder who had made that article trending online.

Although Arielle’s name was in the post, that post had only been published for ten minutes. There was no reason for it to be trending so soon.

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