A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 1057

Chapter 1057 I Only Believe In You

Kimi soon came to a conclusion.

The arguments in the post’s comments were not targeting the current Moore Group.

It should be one of Arielle’s rivals who was trying to target her.

Right then, another trending headline appeared. The headline read: The Dragonslayer Becomes The Evil Dragon.

Upon clicking into the trending page, he realized all the posts were attacking Arielle. Many never even mentioned Moore Group, and they were solely targeting Arielle.

When he scrolled through the comments, he found out that most accounts that were cursing at Arielle were accounts that were just registered hours ago.

Once he got the affirmation for his guesses, Kimi mulled over it for a moment before sending a message to inform Arielle about the situation.

When Arielle received the message, she was outside, looking for a good spot for Maureen’s Kitchen’s branch.

Vinson received the information too, so he walked toward Arielle and said, “Something has happened on the internet. I’ve asked my men to check it out, and they’ve found out that the one who spent money to get that post to trend is someone named Oliver Moore.”

Arielle nodded. “My guess was right. Oliver and Jacob are both waiting for Moore Group to go bankrupt before they change those fixed assets for money. My appearance disrupted their plans to take over Moore Group, so it’s nothing unusual for them to target me. Honestly, I’d feel even more nervous if they didn’t do anything, so now I’m actually feeling relieved.”

Vinson snorted. “They’re trying to sway the people into slandering you. It seems like they aren’t that capable after all.”

“Right? If they were that capable, they wouldn’t be eyeing a small company like Moore Group.”

Vinson muttered, “To you, hundreds of millions is considered a small amount, but to them, it’s something they must get their hands on.”

Hearing that, Arielle widened her eyes and spun around. “How do you know that amount of money is nothing to me?”

Vinson choked and fell silent.

At that, Arielle decided to come clean as she asked, “When did you find out that I’m the chairman of Sann Group?”

Vinson shrugged. “When I got the ten robotic pacemakers from Sann Group. Didn’t you tell me that you started Sann Group?”

Arielle’s eyes widened even more.

“I was just joking with you back then. Did you really believe in it?”

Vinson nodded solemnly. “I told you that I’d believe in anything you say.”

Those words of Vinson moved Arielle, but she was embarrassed, so she said, “Vinson, you’re so stupid. You’re going to be that one person who’s going to chuckle like an idiot even after getting fooled.”

Vinson then stared at her for a moment before asking, “Will you ever try to fool me?”

The direct question made the smile on Arielle’s face fade a little.

Pursing her lips, she then shook her head and uttered, “I won’t.”

“That’s good enough for me.” Vinson hunched over to peck her on the forehead. “I only trust you, so no one can fool me. It’s fine even if you try to fool me. My money and I are all yours.”

Arielle blushed before lowering her eyes. “Has anyone ever told you that you’re good at giving sweet talk?”

“No,” Vinson replied truthfully. “Jordan just said to me that someone as boring as me wouldn’t be able to find a girlfriend, and if I did, it’d be a miracle. He thought I’d stay single for the rest of my life.”

“It seems like he doesn’t know you well. I’d say you know how to flirt well, and it’s impossible that you’re going to stay single forever.”

“Mm.” Vinson nodded. “Your comment is worth all the time I’ve spent on that book.”

Arielle furrowed her brows. “What book?”

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