A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 1058

Chapter 1058 It Seems Like I Am Unneeded

“Nothing…” Vinson trailed off as he averted his eyes.

He could not possibly tell her that he had stayed up all night reading dozens of books about how a cold-blooded CEO could win over the heart of his wife.

It would ruin her impression of him if he did so.

Vinson cleared his throat and changed the topic. “Do you need me to get rid of the trending status of the post?”

Arielle did not want to bother herself with it, but the people who were on her side were getting cursed at as well, and that annoyed her.

After a few seconds of rumination, she nodded. “Get rid of it.”

Vinson hummed in response. Just as he was about to screenshot the post and send it to the public relations department, he spotted two more trending headlines.

Arielle Moore From Jadeborough University.

Victim Of Henrick’s Case Speaks For Arielle.

Vinson froze for a second before he tapped into it.

Jadeborough University, who rarely posted anything on Twitter, had abruptly made a new post that read: Jadeborough University’s charity event has ended. The donations received in the event shall be used for the rebuilding of Southall Village. Special thanks to outstanding graduate, Arielle Moore, for her generous donation to this event.

Under the text was an attached photo, showing that Arielle had purchased three items that totaled a hundred and thirty million.

Those three items were Marcus’ antique vase, a necklace worth one hundred million that Aaron had bought in Arielle’s name, and a sculpture worth fifteen million that Arielle had paid for Wendy.

The Greene family had collapsed, so naturally, Wendy was unable to fork out fifteen million. Therefore, the school put that amount under Arielle’s name instead.

The charity event had long ended. The meaning behind Jadeborough University’s well-timed post was clear—they were standing up for Arielle.

The moment the post was created, the others were dumbstruck. The netizens commented below the post to express their views.

Arielle donated a hundred and thirty million to that village? Holy moly. She’s that generous?

It seems that Arielle is nothing like Henrick who only thought about how he could use the villagers. Arielle barely has anything to do with this, but she has given the village such a huge amount of compensation. I’m not going to hold her accountable for this anymore!

Who were the ones saying that all businessmen are crafty people? Who were the ones who said that the dragonslayer will eventually become the evil dragon? My goddess donated over a hundred million, but she never even posted anything about it. She just wanted to compensate the villagers. How dare those meanies say that she’s evil-hearted?

Hold up. Am I the only one who noticed that the post also mentions she’s an outstanding graduate? Didn’t she just start her course? Why has she suddenly graduated?

Nevertheless, that comment about Arielle’s graduation did not receive much attention. Everyone was more preoccupied with her hefty amount of donation.

Soon, the headline—Victim Speaking Up For Arielle Moore—trended, attracting the attention of many again.

Then, they found out that the victim who was speaking up for Arielle was a boy named Teddy.

Teddy was a boy from Southall Village. He had recorded a video with his parents, talking about what Arielle had done for them a while back.

After watching the video, the others realized with a start that the one who had reported Henrick was none other than Arielle.

They never realized that Arielle had secretly done so much for the victims.

Soon, those two headlines became the top two trending headlines. The ones who had said that Arielle was going to be the evil dragon were either getting cursed at or had created an apology post.

I’ve really misunderstood her. From now onward, I’m going to support Moore Group by buying their stuff!

With Arielle leading the company, I’m sure Moore Group will be vastly different from Southall Group. Don’t boycott Moore Group mindlessly anymore.

After Vinson read the news, he shrugged at Arielle and said, “It seems like I’m not needed here.”

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