A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 1059

Chapter 1059 Living Hell

Arielle was still confused as to what had happened. She only figured it out after taking Vinson’s phone and reading the news and comments.

At that moment, tears sprang to her eyes.

She was already glad to have Vinson backing her up. She never thought so many people would be defending her too.

Wiping the tears off her face, she then smiled and said, “I never knew it feels so good to be defended by others.”

Vinson then pulled her into his arms and planted a kiss on her lips. Softly, he whispered, “You deserve this.”

You deserve to be supported by so many people.

Right then, Rayson skipped over and yelled, “Mr. Nightshire, Ms. Moore, it’s done!”

However, when he raised his head, he was greeted by the sight of the two hugging. Immediately, he turned away from them.

Oh, bad timing.

Arielle quickly pushed Vinson away and cleared her throat. “It’s done?”

Rayson nodded and turned back to look at her. “I negotiated with the person in charge, and he agreed to decrease the annual rent of two hundred thousand to a hundred and fifty thousand.”

Arielle nodded. “We’ll start renovating today then. This shop is originally a food and beverage store, so there isn’t too much to change. We just need to make minor changes. If we’re quick enough, we’ll be able to finish the renovation in two weeks.”

Vinson nodded along with Arielle and asked, “Do you really not want to rent a space in Nightshire Group’s mall? You won’t need to pay rent.”

However, Arielle shook her head. “I’ve made up my mind. Maureen’s Kitchen’s target customers will be middle-class individuals, so the prices of the food can’t be too expensive. Hence, this place will be the best place for it to be. This entire street is like a food street, so it’s on par with a mall in terms of customers. Moreover, the people who are living here are Jadeborough citizens. If we can build a good reputation among them, we’ll have a much easier time to open up another branch of Maureen’s Kitchen.”

Vinson softly replied, “Okay. As expected of the chairman of Sann Group. You’re better at this long-term planning than me.”

“No, no. It’s just that you’re hoping I’d be targeting the high-class individuals. We just have different goals. If we’re aiming for high-class individuals, we’ll naturally have to have the restaurant set up in a mall.”

Chanaean cuisine was unlike coffee and tea. If she wanted to open a hundred branches in the shortest time possible to prove herself to Susanne, then she must set a realistic goal by first targeting middle-class individuals. She had to appeal to the general audience so that she would be able to build up the customer base quickly.

Thus, Arielle took the contract from Rayson’s and signed it after making sure that everything on the contract was fine.

From that day onward, Maureen’s Kitchen finally had a branch.

After keeping the contract, Arielle turned to Vinson and said, “I’m done with looking for the store location, so you don’t need to keep staying by my side anymore. I’m going to head to Moore Group’s technology department, so you should return to your own schedule. You’ve been accompanying me the entire afternoon, and I’ve been hearing your phone’s ringtone the entire afternoon too. I’m sure there are many things you have to deal with.”

“Okay. Let me send you to Moore Group first.”


Meanwhile, Arielle’s fans were busy even after Jadeborough University and Teddy stood up for Arielle.

After all, how could a finance blogger with only over a thousand fans appear on trending so quickly?

Anyone with a brain would know that something fishy was going on.

Thus, the fans discussed it with each other before looking into the malicious comments that cursed at Arielle.

Soon, they found out about Oliver Moore and chastised him at once.

So this guy is the troublemaker! He must be trying to set her up when she has just taken over the company!

D*mn it. How dare he bully her just because she doesn’t have someone powerful backing her up? It’s fine. She has our support! If these people try to be mean to her again, I’m going to confront them at Moore Group.

Let me join you! Oliver Moore, be nicer, or we’re going to make your life a living hell!

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