A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 1060

Chapter 1060 Are You Insane

Oliver stopped bothering with the matter after paying to get Arielle’s post to trend. He knew about the sheer amount of keyboard warriors on the internet and how they were going to do his dirty work for him.

As long as he took the first step, the netizens would surely blame Arielle for what Henrick had done.

There were many who had been boycotting Southall Group, and the company’s reputation was unsalvageable. Therefore, Oliver thought he was making a smart move when he had directed the netizens’ fury of Southall Group to Arielle.

Arielle’s still so young. If she sees that everyone on the internet is cursing at her, she might lock herself up in her house and cry! How much can a little girl stand, after all? It’ll be best if she’s diagnosed with depression after this incident.

Those were the gleeful thoughts in Oliver’s head as he leaned back in his office chair and relaxed.

Right then, his phone on the desk vibrated.

His eyes trailed to the screen, and he realized it was from Jacob.

Recently, he had started an alliance with Jacob. Thus, when he saw Jacob’s name on the screen, he smirked. Jacob must be calling to congratulate me on the successful attack.

Grinning, Oliver then answered the call and said, “What’s the matter, Jacob? It’s a pretty good move, don’t you think so?”

Jacob, who had been affected by the incident, froze for seconds before he squeezed out, “What did you say?”

Jacob could not believe his ears.

Everyone’s cursing and hurling insults at Oliver, and they even attack me although I have nothing to do with this. How does he have the guts to ask me for my opinion on his “good move?”

A moment later, Jacob managed to recompose himself. He then hissed, “Oliver Moore, are you insane? Did you lose your marbles?”

Oliver instantly fumed upon hearing that.

“Jacob, what are you talking about? You’re insane! You’re the one who lost your marbles!”

It was then that Jacob realized that Oliver still had no idea what happened on the internet.

He then scoffed, “Why don’t you go online and find out what happened? I’m not going to clean up your mess for you this time. If we’re still working together, then I’d advise you to bear the responsibility of this mess by yourself. Once I get Southall Group, I’ll give you three-tenths of its profits. But if you don’t settle this matter, you’ll get nothing!”

With that said, Jacob ended the call, leaving Oliver completely confused.

My plan today should have been successful, but why did Jacob say this?

With no time to dwell on it, Oliver quickly took out his phone to click into Twitter.

He then saw that the two headlines about how bad Arielle was were gone. Instead, his name was trending.


Why is my name trending?

Oliver then hurriedly clicked into it, only to be bombarded by posts that screamed and cursed at him.

After looking at the top three posts, he finally realized what was going on.

Not only did he fail to drag Arielle into hell, but the netizens had even found out that he was the one who had paid for the ghostwriters. The ghostwriters had betrayed him, and they had posted the records of their conversation with him.

In the blink of an eye, he was the one man that everyone abhorred.

“D*mn it! D*mn it!” Oliver furiously slammed his palm on the desk.

Right then, his assistant rushed in and reported, “Sir, bad news. There are a group of people surrounding the doorway of our office building, demanding us to return them their deposits!”

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