A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 1062

Chapter 1062 Dinner With Love

“One hundred million?” Jacob scoffed. “Ever since what happened to Mr. Southall, the company stock price has dropped tremendously. What makes you think the puny amount of shares you’ve got there are worth one hundred million?”

“Jacob! Stop it with your dirty tactic! You know for certain what this one hundred million means!” Enraged, Oliver slammed his desk and held his phone ever so tightly.

In fact, it would mean that he was ready to completely let go of the precious Southall Group. If it was not for his own F&B company’s sake, he would have never let it go. It was just that the company was in deep trouble, so he had no choice but to turn to Jacob.

Upon hearing that, Jacob kept silent. If Oliver goes crazy and drags me down with him, it’ll not end well for me either.

“All right, one hundred million it is. I won’t be able to gather that much money in such a short period of time, though. The soonest I can do is in three days’ time. But before that, I want you to set things straight and make sure everyone sees it online. Tell everyone that I had nothing to do with what happened, and it was you all along.” After not less than two minutes, Jacob finally spoke again.

Caught between a rock and a hard place, Oliver had no choice but to comply. “All right. Three days.”

Both of them then agreed upon a date for the official agreements to be signed.

After Oliver hung up the phone, he sat in his chair for a long while. His mentality toward the whole situation had changed.

After he chain-smoked two cigarettes, he logged onto Twitter. Just a few minutes later, a trending upload appeared, which read: Oliver Confesses.

The netizens all clicked into it and saw Oliver confessing to his mistakes. Along with the confession, Oliver had announced that he had resigned as the director of Moore Group with immediate effect.

However, the netizens didn’t sympathize with Oliver one bit. Their comments started flooding in.

My goddess could’ve easily been in his exact position now if it weren’t for the victims in Jadeborough University and Southall Village. Shame on you, Oliver!

Isn’t it a bit too late now to confess? What’s the point?

When Oliver read how the netizens were all criticizing him, he smashed his phone in frustration. B*stards! All of them!

Meanwhile, Vinson’s car arrived at the technology department building.

When Arielle was about to get out of the car, she heard Vinson commanding Rayson in a cold voice, “Shut your eyes.”

Heeding his words, Rayson shut his eyes instantly. The next second, Vinson kissed Arielle passionately, making the woman’s face turn beet red.

Oh, my god! What’s the point of asking Rayson to shut his eyes? Wouldn’t that make it even more obvious?

Embarrassed, she lightly pushed Vinson off. Fortunately for her, he backed off right away because he meant for it to be just a playful smooch.

Blushing, the woman blurted, “This is inappropriate.”

“How is it inappropriate for me to kiss my own wife?” Vinson asked directly. “I’ll leave Rayson here with you. Come find me after you’re done.”

“Find you?” Arielle was puzzled. “Is something wrong with your company?”

“Rayson’s wife fetches him every day after his work. I’d like to have my wife fetch me off work too,” Vinson replied awkwardly.

Although Rayson had his eyes shut, his hearing was definitely not impaired. Upon hearing what Vinson said, all he could do was cringe. He’s absolutely shameless! My wife has never fetched me from work!

Without knowing that Vinson was just spouting nonsense, Arielle felt sympathetic toward him.

With his status and unfriendly aura, it’s no wonder no one ever dared to pick him up from work. With that in mind, Arielle nodded. “All right, I’ll come to get you later.”

“Oh! Before I forget…” Vinson paused and smiled enigmatically. “Bring along dinner, please. Preferably if you prepare it with love!”

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