A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 1063

Chapter 1063 Pushing His Luck

Although Arielle was blushing uncontrollably, her voice remained icy. “Don’t push your luck.”

“But Rayson’s wife prepares lunch for him almost every day!” Vinson complained with a pout.

Once again, knowing his wife was actually working in Epea, Rayson was cringing over what he had heard. This guy is unbelievable!

Without any knowledge of the truth, Arielle sighed helplessly. “All right then, off you go. So annoying.”

Her words did not reflect the thoughts on her mind, though. She called him annoying, but she already had an ideal menu for him in mind.

Meanwhile, in the technology department building, the designers found out about the truth, and people started to talk.

“The table has turned! The trending topic says that Oliver has confessed about what he has done to Madam Chairman!”

“Oh, my god! So that’s what actually happened. Shame on Oliver for bullying a lady!”

Although Kimi didn’t see the trending headline, he knew what the others were talking about, causing him to breathe a sigh of relief.

At this moment, someone rushed in and announced, “Madam Chairman is here!”

Feeling a weight lifted off his shoulders, Kimi rushed out to welcome Arielle.

However, the person in charge of the technology department was caught in a dilemma upon receiving the news. After Oliver had resigned, he told him that all of his ex-subordinates would be answering to Jacob instead. Now that the circumstances have changed, should I continue executing my plans? But the reason Arielle got off the h**k is because of the hundreds of millions instead of her own capabilities. She wouldn’t be able to hold on as chairman for long.

After much consideration, he gritted his teeth and decided to continue being a spy for Jacob. Then, he got to his feet to welcome Arielle as well.

When he arrived at the entrance of the building, he saw Kimi talking with the woman.

“Madam Chairman, where’s the bionic arm?” Kimi was puzzled when he noticed that Arielle had arrived empty-handed.

Casting a glance at the person in charge, she instantly knew that he was secretly working for Jacob. Well, one down, one more to go. That’s a relief.

Arielle pursed her slips slightly. “I needed the bionic arm for something else. I came over to pass you guys the codes.”

Kimi’s eyes lit up immediately. “You’re done encrypting the data?”

Arielle nodded. “I’ve also tested it. We should be able to start the manufacturing process tomorrow if everything turns out well.”

Upon hearing the good news, Kimi was unbelievably thrilled. The other designers were also bursting with joy.

“Madam Chairman, you’re incredible! Truly amazing!” Kimi praised.

“Oh, stop it.” Arielle smiled before continuing, “Let’s go key in the data into the other prototypes before testing them out again.”

“Yes, let’s go!”

Along with the other designers, they all headed toward the laboratory. Except for the person in charge, he stealthily headed back to his office and informed Jacob about what Arielle said over the phone.

“Not bad,” Jacob responded coldly.

“Indeed, but don’t worry. Oliver had already seen this coming, so we’ve already reached an agreement with the manufacturers before this. Even if her codes work, none of them will help her with the manufacturing process. In other words, her code is useless.”

“Oliver made a smart move,” Oliver sneered. “Proceed with the initial plan, then. Pay the manufacturers off, no matter the price.”


Over at the laboratory, the bionic arm was working well after the data was keyed in. It was a success!

A round of cheers soon erupted.

“Ms. Moore, what did you do with the first prototype, though?” Kimi asked curiously.

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