A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 1065

Chapter 1065 Arielle Is Infuriated

After Arielle left the technology department building, she went to Maureen’s Kitchen to get dinner for Vinson. However, Rayson left her there because he was needed somewhere else, so she had to go to Nightshire Group’s headquarters on her own.

She felt nothing out of the ordinary when she was at Maureen’s Kitchen, but when she arrived at the main entrance of the headquarters, she felt inexplicably nervous, even though it was not even her first time there. She had been there numerous times back when she was shooting commercials for Soir Coffee.

The reason her heart was racing was because it was her first time at the company as Vinson’s wife.

When Arielle raised her head and saw the skyscraper before her, she gulped nervously. Since I’m already here now, I can’t possibly just run away! Taking a deep breath, she entered the building.

Vinson’s headquarters comprised a total of seven floors. The highest floor was where Vinson’s office was located.

Wow! This is indeed the biggest company in Chanaea. One day, I’m going to build something just like this for Sann Group just for the sake of showing off!

“Hello.” Arielle arrived at the front desk. “I’m here to look for Vinson.”

The receptionist didn’t bother to lift her head as she was busy signing for a courier. “Do you have an appointment?”

“Appointment?” Arielle’s mind went blank for a moment. She then held up the food in her hand and uttered, “I guess so.”

“You guess so?” The receptionist frowned before picking up the appointment schedule. “What’s your name?” she queried.


“Arielle?” The receptionist flipped through the schedule and shook her head. “You didn’t make an appointment. Please fill out a form first.”

“You want me to fill out a form?” Arielle’s brows furrowed incredulously. Vinson was the one who requested for me to bring him dinner. Yet, I’m required to fill out a form?

“Yes. It’s our procedure.” The receptionist then put the schedule aside and went back to dealing with a man from the courier service company. While she was checking through the paperwork with him, she blurted at Arielle, “After you’ve made your appointment, it’ll be vetted by the CEO’s office. Once you’re cleared, we’ll then set up a date for you.”

Hearing that, Arielle muttered expressionlessly, “And how long will it take?”

“I can’t give you an exact date, but usually it takes two to three days. It depends on when the CEO will be free.”

“Two to three days?” Arielle could not help but laugh upon hearing that. How could I wait two to three days? His food will be all moldy by then! He asked me to bring him dinner, just to make me wait for a few days? What’s wrong with him? It’s a different story if I came here on my own accord, but I was requested to be here!

Arielle had always been an unflappable person. Even when Henrick forced her to kneel before him back then, she remained calm. That was because Henrick meant nothing to her.

Without realizing it, Arielle had become a short-tempered person, especially when it concerned Vinson.

D**n it!

Clenching her teeth in anger, she took out her phone to call Vinson. “Vinson, I’m downstairs now. Your receptionist told me to wait for two to three days. Do you want your dinner or not?”

“You’re here?” Vinson stood up abruptly and rushed down. “Just a minute. Wait for me. I’m coming down to get you now!”

Upon hearing that, the fire in Arielle’s eyes dampened.

Throughout the phone call, the receptionist was still busy dealing with the courier. Hence, she didn’t know that Arielle had already spoken to Vinson over the phone.

The moment she was finally done with the courier, she slightly gazed toward Arielle from the corner of her eyes. When she noted that the other woman was still there, the receptionist grew annoyed. “Are you going to fill out the form or not? If not, then get out!” she thundered with a frown.

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