A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 1066

Chapter 1066 Just Not You

The reason why the receptionist treated Arielle that way was because she was well aware of the intention behind all the women who came to see Vinson. As far as she was concerned, none of these women came for work-related reasons. It was understandable because it was every woman’s dream to get their hands on a man of status and wealth, such as Vinson. Hence, she had always treated women without an appointment with hostility.

Besides, she knew these women were all prettier than she would ever be, so she never bothered to even cast a glance at them.

“You can’t see him without an appointment. If you’re not filling out the form, get lost,” she repeated.

However, as soon as she finished her sentence, she heard polite greetings coming from the elevator’s direction.

“Hello, Mr. Nightshire.”

“Good afternoon, Mr. Nightshire.”

Vinson is here! The receptionist immediately stood upright as she tidied herself up.

On every other day, Vinson would just walk straight toward the main entrance. However, he was heading directly toward the front desk this time around. The receptionist was caught by surprise, and she stood there stiffly, not knowing what was happening.

Her heart began to race, and she could not help holding her breath.

When Vinson was standing in front of her, she noticed the man had his eyes locked onto the woman who came to see him.

Turning her head subconsciously, she finally had a good look at that woman.

At that moment, realization dawned on her as her eyes widened. That’s Arielle Moore!

Back when Soir Coffee had an event there, she was not employed yet. Hence, she had never seen Arielle in person before. Wow! She looks even more beautiful in person! There are rumors going around saying that Arielle is in a relationship with Vinson. So it’s… true?

The very next thing the receptionist saw was Vinson affectionately wrapping his arm around Arielle’s waist. “I’m sorry to have kept you waiting. I didn’t know you were here already,” Vinson apologized.

Upon hearing that, the receptionist was stumped. So, they’re involved with each other! Doesn’t that mean I’ve just stopped Vinson’s girlfriend from seeing him? What have I done? I’m so dead.

Arielle simply ignored the receptionist and turned toward Vinson instead. Pursing her lips, she mumbled, “Since you’re talking to me nicely, I’ll forgive you.”

“Thank you very much, Darling!” Vinson bowed.

The receptionist saw her job flash before her eyes. Didn’t Vinson fire his ex-assistant for something similar to what I did? Oh, goodness!

When she was about to hide away, she saw Vinson looking at her.

It was actually the first time Vinson’s eyes landed on her. His face darkened as his icy orbs stared into hers. Suddenly, a chill went through her entire body.

“Was it you who got in her way just now?” Vinson asked coldly.

“I… I…” The receptionist was at a loss for words. She was so terrified that she was trembling in fear.

Before she could explain herself, Vinson continued coldly, “From now on, you don’t have to clock in anymore.”

Hearing his words, the receptionist was flabbergasted. “Please don’t fire me! I beg of you!”

Vinson ignored her as his eyes scanned the other employees.

Then, the receptionist’s superior went to her and said, “You can pack up your things and leave now. Your pay for this month will be calculated based on a day rate.”

The receptionist dropped to her knees and cried. Her arrogance and unprofessionalism had just gotten her fired.

Arielle kept silent throughout the entire ordeal. She only started talking after she had gotten into the elevator with Vinson. “You didn’t have to do that. She was just doing her job.”

Although the receptionist treated her badly, Arielle was still defending her.

Even so, Vinson thought otherwise. “I wouldn’t care if she had done that to other people. Just not you.”

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