A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 1067

Chapter 1067 I Want My Dinner

Of course, the reason Vinson did that was to make a deterrence.

After this, no one would ever dare to stop Arielle in her tracks again.

As for the people present around the front desk, they were all stunned as they watched both of them get into the elevator. They were even more shocked to see the receptionist getting fired on the spot. Well, it seems like we have to address the ambassador of Soir Coffee as Mrs. Nightshire from now on.

Meanwhile, in the elevator, Vinson pointed at a sign that read “For CEO Only,” and said, “Next time you’re here, you don’t need to go through the front desk anymore. Just go up using this elevator.”

“Got it.” Arielle nodded, feeling a warmth in her heart. Shortly after that, they both arrived at the top floor.

The atmosphere in the office was unlike the one she felt at the front desk. Rayson was there as well, and he was chatting with the employees there. Basically, everyone was friendly and welcoming. Rayson had probably already told all of them about the relationship between her and Vinson. Hence, all of them greeted her politely when she walked past them.

However, Arielle felt embarrassed by their good manners toward her. As a result, she shied away from them and hid behind Vinson.

Vinson, on the other hand, was eager to gloat. Wrapping his arm around her in front of everybody, he announced, “My wife is just here to fetch me. No biggie. Get back to work, everyone.”

Arielle was blushing uncontrollably. She could not help but pinch Vinson’s arm lightly, indicating for him to stop embarrassing her.

Despite that, Vinson’s attitude remained the same until he brought her into his office.

To Arielle’s surprise, there were two lines of people standing inside. All of them had stacks of documents on them.

The moment she stepped into the office, all of them turned and looked at her.

Apparently, Vinson was in the middle of something when Arielle called him on the phone earlier.

At first, she was stumped by what Vinson did for her, but soon after, she felt touched and grateful at the same time, knowing that Vinson would prioritize her. Luckily, I didn’t leave when I dealt with the receptionist. Otherwise, I wouldn’t even be here. What now, though? There are a lot of people here. Should I just pass him his dinner in front of these people?

At that moment, when Arielle could not decide what to do, Vinson came to her rescue. “Will you wait for me for a while? I have some work to deal with first.”

“Sure, no problem!” Arielle nodded. “I’ll go wait outside.”

“There’s no need for that.” Vinson put both his hands on her shoulders and led her toward the couch. “Just sit here. I’ll be right back.” He then turned around and walked toward his desk.

“Let’s continue.” Vinson’s tone immediately turned icy cold when he spoke to people other than Arielle. It was as if he became a different person when he went back to his desk.

“Yes!” The two lines of people stood upright in a serious manner.

“Your proposals…” Vinson continued from where he left off.

Vinson was cold and harsh with his words toward his employees. Since it was the first time Arielle had seen him lecturing his employees, she could not help but glance at them out of curiosity.

As she was looking over at them, Vinson was seated facing against the beams of sunlight. Somehow, it revealed his amazingly well-proportioned face structure.

Every action of his was played in slow-motion in Arielle’s head. Starting from when he flipped through the documents, to him tapping the table while he lectured the employees. Arielle was definitely feasting on him with her eyes. So, it’s true what they say. Men do actually look the most attractive when they’re focused at work.

Finally, Vinson was done lecturing. The employees bowed respectfully and were about the leave. At that precise moment, Vinson suddenly asked, “Darling, where’s my dinner that you’ve brought for me?”

Obviously, Vinson timed that impeccably well. He was showing off to his employees that his wife had brought him food.

True enough, the employees all stopped in their tracks abruptly upon hearing that and turned toward Arielle.

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