A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 1068

Chapter 1068 Controlling Wife

That was when they saw the food she was carrying.

Everyone then understood their boss’ hidden meaning behind his words.

“That’s so sweet of you, Mrs. Nightshire.”

“I’m so envious of Mr. Nightshire!”

Arielle knew for sure Vinson did that on purpose to get those reactions out of his employees, so she just responded with an awkward smile.

Vinson was a proud man after hearing all the praises and comments. Only then he was satisfied. After the employees exited the office, he rubbed his hands and walked toward Arielle. “What are we having for dinner?”

“Can you stop embarrassing me!” Arielle exclaimed as she playfully hit Vinson’s head.

However, one of the employees had left behind a document in Vinson’s office.

When he witnessed the scene, his eyes rounded, and he quickly ran out of the room in shock.

“Vinson!” Arielle clenched her teeth in anger. “This is all your fault!”

Vinson just reacted playfully and laughed. “Uh-oh, now everyone’s gonna know you’re a controlling wife!”

True enough, his wish came true. Soon after, the words spread. Everyone in the company knew what happened and viewed Arielle as a controlling wife.

In general, most men would feel humiliated by such comments, but not Vinson. Instead, he was quite proud of it.

Arielle was so embarrassed that she could not stand being in the office for another second. Both she and Vinson left for the Southall residence right after that.

When Arielle got back to the manor, Susanne was playing chess with Alan. The kind of chess that Arielle was superb at.

When Arielle saw them, Susanne had just won the game.

Walking toward them, Arielle asked with a smile, “Susanne, you’re playing chess?”

Susanne was flustered upon seeing Arielle. Releasing an awkward cough, Susanne replied, “Besides Poker, I love chess as well. I have people coming over later, and one of them is a legend in the chess community. Hence, I thought maybe I should sharpen up my skills a little bit before he arrives, but Alan’s terrible at it! I can’t get much of a challenge out of him.”

Raising her eyebrows, Arielle suggested, “Maybe I can help you with that?”

“Are you any good?”

“Sort of.” Arielle nodded.

Those who knew Arielle well would know what she meant by “sort of.”

Obviously, Susanne would not have known that. All of a sudden, she was craving some ravioli. However, that would be something weird to bring up out of the blue. Instead, she gave it some thought and asked, “Since you know how to play, why don’t we have a game?”

“Sure,” Arielle responded with a nod. Alan then quickly got up and gave his seat to her.

“Okay, let’s make it more interesting. If you win, I’ll let you organize my birthday party next month. However, if I win, you have to make me ravioli for a whole month,” Susanne suggested as she set up the chessboard.

Arielle was faced with a dilemma. Birthday party? She’ll definitely take the opportunity to tell everyone about my relationship with Vinson, but I can’t win either because Susanne will not be happy with it, considering her temperament. What should I do?

Before Arielle could make up her mind, Susanne was done setting up.

“Let’s start,” Susanne uttered.

“You can have the white pieces. You go first.” One of the rules in chess was that the player with the white pieces would move first. Generally, white pieces were said to have an advantage over black pieces. With this, Susanne had just given the first-move privilege to Arielle.

She did that because she believed it was impossible for Arielle to win against her. It’s good enough for a country bumpkin like you know how to play, but there’s no way you’re winning against me.

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