A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 1069

Chapter 1069 The Legend

It’s definitely a huge advantage to move first. Susanne was extremely confident of herself.

Taking a deep breath, Arielle made her first move. By then, she had already resolved her dilemma.

This time around, Arielle didn’t go by any strategy. Instead, she was just playing casually.

Susanne’s confidence grew upon seeing Arielle’s first move. She’s doing it by the book. Seems like she’s just a beginner. Her lips then curled into a smile and made her first move as well.

Just when she thought she could defeat Arielle within twenty moves and have her craving satisfied, she was now on her fortieth move.

She was surprised by how hard it was to defeat Arielle. Only that did she realize Arielle had not yet made an offensive move on her throughout the game.

While it took almost thirty seconds for Susanne to make every single move, Arielle only needed two.

Not only that, Arielle’s defense was so good that she managed to pull off a miraculous escape time after time.

The game dragged on, and Susanne still could not defeat Arielle. Something’s not right here. She’s letting me win!

Thinking Arielle was toying her around, Susanne clenched her teeth in frustration. Suddenly, Arielle conceded when it was her turn to move.

Beaming an innocent smile, Arielle commented, “Susanne, you’re too good at this. I have no choice but to concede.”

Arielle was half telling the truth. Susanne was good, indeed. It was just that she was no match for Arielle. If Susanne were to play against anybody else, she could have won easily.

Susanne had never been one to hold back on her opinions. With a frown, she asked directly, “You were letting me win all along, right?”

“No, no.” Arielle waved her hands in denial. “I’m just actually in the mood to make some ravioli.”

Susanne was stunned by what she heard. Suddenly, her anger disappeared when she thought about those delicious ravioli. Arielle’s response was music to her ears.

Pursing her lips, Susanne muttered, “When we finish eating ravioli, we’ll give it another go, but you must promise me you wouldn’t hold back anymore.”

“I really didn’t. I-”

“Enough,” Susanne interrupted. “I’m not an idiot. Just promise me.”

Arielle had no choice but to nod. “Okay, I promise.”

Right then, Alan came running over. “Mrs. Nightshire, your guests have arrived,” he reported.

Upon receiving the report, Susanne’s eyes lit up immediately as she got to her feet. “The legend I told you about is here. Since you’re not too bad yourself, why don’t you have a friendly duel with him later?” Susanne suggested.

“Sure,” Arielle agreed.

At that moment, an old man’s voice sounded. “My apprentice, Susanne!”

“Oh, my mentor! How are you?” Susanne greeted politely.

Raising her eyes toward the legend Susanne had claimed, Arielle was dumbfounded. Isn’t that Hans, my apprentice? And that’s Everett, my grand disciple! Did Susanne just address Hans as her mentor? What’s going on here?

After Susanne greeted Hans, she turned, and her eyes landed on Arielle. When she noted how Arielle was still in her seat, her eyebrows furrowed. “Arielle, what are you doing still sitting there? Come say hi to my mentor!”

Hearing Arielle’s name, both Hans and Everett gazed at her in shock.

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