A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 704

A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 704

Before Arielle could figure out what he just meant, Vinson stroked her hair fondly and stated, “All right, let’s go. The show’s about to start.”

“Huh? Oh, right…” Arielle took a moment to snap out of her daze before hurrying after him.

Gazing at the back of Vinson’s figure, she could not help but wonder if he really only regarded her as a regular friend.

Would it be possible that he’s also slightly attracted to me, the way guys are attracted to girls?

The moment those thoughts entered her mind, Arielle shook her head vigorously in an attempt to force them out of her head.

This isn’t the time to think about such nonsense. I don’t even know what Wendy and Henrick are up to yet.

After snapping back to reality, she entered the elevator with Vinson and they went to the suite on the top floor together.

By then, the reporters had run tirelessly up to the top floor and crowded the hallway.

They had received a tip that the famous physician Queenie Mill had h****d up with a married man. Being an attractive lady and the youngest among the renowned physicians in Chanaea, Queenie had gained quite a large fan base. Her scandal would inevitably become the next trending topic on the internet.

Seconds before the reporters arrived at the top floor, Henrick had unlocked the suite’s door with the hotel’s master key.

Kicking the door open, he stormed into the room, followed by Susanne and Wendy

Wendy went in quickly. With the faint beams of light seeping into the room through the curtains, she saw that there was indeed a couple lying on the bed.

Taking in a sharp breath, she caught a trace of the dirty scent of lovemaking lingering in the air.

As for the couple on the bed, they were sleeping peacefully in each other’s embrace, completely oblivious to the outside world.

Wendy’s heart almost burst with joy. Arielle had indeed h****d up with Donovan, just as she had guessed.

Despite the delight spilling out of her heart, she put on a stunned expression as she turned toward Susanne. “L Looks like I was wrong, Ms. Stone. It looks like A Arielle came here willingly…”

At that moment, Susanne’s face was dark as thunder.

With Maureen’s noble and graceful nature, how did she end up giving birth to such a rebellious and shameless daughter? Look at her, hooking up with her teacher and staying overnight with him in a hotel room! If Maureen knew about this, she might even leap right out of her coffin in horror.

“I don’t care anymore!” Giving up, Susanne turned and made her way to the exit.

She could not believe she had thought Arielle was forced against her will into this predicament. After seeing the couple pressing against each other that way, it was obvious that she had willingly found her way into that bed.

Not only was Susanne mad that she had wasted a trip for nothing, she was also thoroughly disgusted by what she had just seen.

Just as she was leaving, she heard Henrick yelling with uncontrollable rage as he bolted for the bed, “You b*tch!” Yanking the woman by her hair with one hand, he slapped her savagely with his other hand.

Slap! As the sound reverberated in the room, Wendy felt a pleasant sensation spread throughout her body.

That’s right! Hit her! Or better yet, hit her to death! Once that girl is dead, everything will be as it should be. Vinson can’t possibly be hung up on a dead person, could he?

As Wendy screamed those deranged thoughts in her mind, Henrick indeed landed a second slap on the woman’s face, harder than the first one.

With that, the woman, who was semi-conscious earlier, instantly jolted awake, screaming as she covered her face, “Ah! What are you doing? Who the hell are you?”

“I’m your father!”

Tightening his grip on her hair, Henrick forcefully dragged her out of bed. Just as he was about to kick her, her face appeared beneath her messy hair.

A ray of light happened to fall upon her features.

Henrick saw the woman’s delicate face gazing up at him, with one side badly swollen and unsightly.

“What the-”

Henrick’s actions froze as he stared at her in shock, his eyes almost popping out of their sockets.

This isn’t Arielle!

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