A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 706

Chapter 706

Wendy could only seek help from Susanne in this


“Ms. Stone, I don’t know what’s going on. I heard that the person in the photo looked a lot like Arielle, and that’s why I went to you without delay. I was worried about her.”

Susanne took her hands and gently soothed them. “It’s alright. It’s just a misunderstanding. I know you did it because you care about her.”

“Because she cares? If she was genuinely worried about Arielle, shouldn’t she have called the police? Why did she look for you and Henrick instead?” Vinson wasn’t having it.

As pale as a ghost, Wendy tried to defend herself. “Mr. Nightshire, please mind your words. Are you saying that I’m trying to blow this scandal up? What’s the point of me doing this? It’s not Arielle who’s having an affair. It’s just an honest mistake.”

Vinson saw no point in arguing with her. “I don’t care if it was a mistake. I’ve told you to move out of the manor, and why are you still there? Do you really want me to throw you out?” He gave her an ultimatum.

Feeling humiliated, Wendy sobbed and again, turned toward Susanne. “Ms. Stone…”

Susanne thought Vinson was too much and glared at him. “How could you speak to Wendy in such a manner? She’s your wife-to-be. Where do you suppose

she move to if not back to the manor?”

“She’s going to be my what? Wife?” Vinson narrowed his eyes.

Susanne frowned and glared back at him. “Vin, don’t you dare look at me like that.”

“I forgot to tell you something, Mom,” Vinson spoke again before Arielle could persuade him to stop quarreling with Susanne.

For some reason, she palpitated in uneasiness as if she knew that Vinson was going to announce something unnerving

“And what is that?”

“I already have a wife.”

What! Arielle’s opened her eyes so wide that they almost popped out of their sockets. “Stop it, Vinson!” She tugged his sleeve.

Looking at how the two interacted,

Wendy’s heart wrung, and fear engulfed her.

Before Susanne could question any further, Wendy jumped in. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

Vinson weaved his fingers into Arielle’s and brought them near his chest. “I already have a wife, and she is Arielle. We’re legally married.”

Arielle closed her eyes tight. She couldn’t believe that Vinson announced their marriage under this


One thing that she was trying to wrap her head around was the reason behind his actions. She thought their marriage was nothing but a scheme that could deliver mutual benefits. If it really went public, then things would get real.

Wendy was swirling in a pool of mixed emotions.

She was shocked, delighted, and somewhat felt astray at the same time.

Being the gutsy Arielle, she took a deep breath and clasp Vinson’s hand even harder. “Ms. Stone, Vinson and I have signed the papers and we’re officially married. There’s no need to arrange for Vinson to go on blind dates anymore.”

“W-W-What? You said t-that… you are m-m-m married?” Susanne was so baffled that her words tumbled uncontrollably out of her mouth.

Whereas Wendy’s eyes expanded as wide as a tarsier’s, and her mind went blank.

At this point, the reporters had taken enough pictures for their headlines.

They were relentless on Queenie and Donovan, but no one dared to aim their cameras at Vinson.


After they were done with their job, they slithered silently out of the room.

Donovan and Queenie quickly put on their clothes, and they overheard the conversation when walking out of the bedroom.

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