A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 707

Chapter 707

Vinson and Arielle are married?

Donovan was livid.

How could they? How could he s****h away the girl I have my eyes on!

Queenie had come to terms with the fact that Vinson and she would never be together. Therefore, the news of him being married to Arielle barely ruffled her. Even she herself was slightly surprised by her own calmness.

She perfectly understood that Vinson was already out of the equation. As for Donovan, he wasn’t too bad of a candidate either.

He was from a good family and had an honorable job. Plus, he took her virginity. To her, getting married to a man like that wasn’t too bad. It was the only way for her to discredit the scandal.

She looked at Donovan and suggested, “We need to respond fast. Let’s write up an official statement and post it on the net. They said that you’re married. We need to deny that and get married soon.”

“Shut the f*ck up!” Donovan cursed and strode out of the suite.

Queenie hurried behind him. “Wait up, Donovan!”

Meanwhile, in the suite, Susanne was still in a state of denial. “No. I don’t believe that you’re married! I didn’t agree to it, so how could it have happened?” She was


“You can check if you want to. We’ve signed the papers.”

Susanne drew her phone out in a flash and called


“Mrs. Nightshire, Mr. Vinson is legally married.” That was the reply.

It shook Susanne even more, so much that her mind went blank for a couple of seconds.

“How could you…”

Susanne pointed her quivering finger at Vinson. She wanted to lash out, but all the words were stuck in her throat.

The next thing she knew, she was gasping for air, her eyes rolled, and she blacked out.

Vinson swiftly glided under her before she collapse onto the ground.

“Send Mrs. Nightshire back to the manor!” he shouted.

After Susanne was carried out of the room, it regained its peace.

Wendy didn’t hear what Geoffrey said but got the message from Susanne’s jumpy reaction.

So, Vinson and Arielle are married. Then, what becomes of me?

Wendy used to treat Arielle contemptuously, saying that the latter was out of Vinson’s league, but look at who was laughing now? Wendy had indeed become the joke.

When Arielle walked up to Vinson, a hand was abruptly stretched out in front of her.

“Arielle!” It was Wendy who was seeing red.

Arielle was so concerned about Susanne that she hurled the hand away. “I will settle the score with you next time. Scram!”

Embarrassed and infuriated, Wendy yelled, “Both of you will suffer!”

That managed to stop Arielle. She turned around and looked at Wendy. “I’m afraid that you’re going to be disappointed. We will have children and live a happy life. As for you, you’ll only be able to watch us from afar.”

When she turned back, she saw Vinson leaning on the door frame and looking at her with a subtle smile.

That added some light-hearted flirtation in his once steely dark eyes and drove Arielle’s cheeks as red as tomatoes. It felt as if Vinson had looked right through her thoughts.

She forced a composure and asked, “Why are you here?

Where’s Susanne?”

“She’s awake. I got them to send her back to the manor.”

Vinson gave Wendy a sidelong glance and uttered icily, “You have one more day. Move all your things out of the manor by tomorrow night.”

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