A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 708

Chapter 708

Wendy shuddered. She moved her lips but couldn’t make a sound.

“Let’s go.” Vinson swirled his eyes toward Arielle and his coldness melted immediately. He was caring, and his tone sounded gentle.

The two contrasting treatments knocked Wendy onto the ground. Her knee buckled and she cried hysterically on the floor.

What is this world so unfair? Why does the guy whom I like fancy that b*tch I hated most?

After pouring her emotions out, she pulled herself together and phoned her mother.

“M-m-mom?” Queenie sobbed. “Vinson’s ma-ma-ma married. He’s married to someone else! When are y-y you coming to Jadeborough!”.

“What! When was this? I didn’t hear any news about it. This is outrageous! How could they ask my dearest daughter to stay at his place when he’s married! You wait for us right there. Your dad and I will come to you once we’re done with the business on hand!”

Cecilia’s reassuring words managed to slightly soothe Wendy’s broken soul.

Wendy got back on her feet and decided to pack her bags at the Nightshire Manor immediately.

So what if they’re married? Susanne obviously didn’t

want Vinson to be married to Arielle. Once Dad and Mom get here and pressure Vinson, the tables might turn! But before that, I need to stop this lunacy. I have to look graceful and elegant.

Meanwhile, Vinson and Arielle were walking to the elevator.

After they got in, Arielle wanted to break the awkward silence, but before she could speak, Vinson blurted, “Did you really mean what you’ve said back there?”

“Huh?” Arielle was like a deer caught in the headlights.

This time, Vinson softened his tone and jogged her through her memories. “You said that you will have children with me and we’ll live a good life.”

Arielle’s cheeks burned.


“Arielle,” Vinson placed his hands on her shoulders, “Since my mom already knew about it, it’s only a matter of time before it goes public. Maybe, we could, you know, be married for real?”

Every inch of Arielle’s muscles stiffened as she looked into Vinson’s mesmerizing eyes.


Ding! It’s their floor. Outside the elevator stood two hotel guests.


Arielle looked at them, wide-eyed, but Vinson kept his cool, took her by the hand and walked out with the gait of a soldier.

Arielle wanted to squirm but that only made Vinson’s clutch tighter.

“Isn’t that Mr. Nightshire? He actually has a girlfriend?” The two guests started their titter.

“Well, he’s at that age, anyway. But coming out of a hotel might only mean that she’s a s*x partner and not a girlfriend.”

The elevator that was about to close suddenly opened again.

It was Vinson who‘d slid his hand between the doors.

“M-Mr. Nightshire…” The two men shrivelled.

“She’s not my s*x partner but my wife.” Vinson told them the truth.

The men were left open-mouthed while Vinson took his leave and held Arielle’s hand again.

After the elevator doors successfully closed, the men were enlivened by their befuddlements and speculations.

Arielle heard Vinson’s every word.

The moment he took her hand again she contemplated,

but this time, she didn’t shake it away.

Henrick was waiting for Arielle at the hotel entrance. When he saw the couple holding hands, he hesitated.

Hmm, should I go up to her?

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