A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 709

Chapter 709

Henrick came to ask for his shares. Yet, with Vinson by Arielle’s side, he wouldn’t have the guts to talk about it.

He pondered and finally decided to leave.

He believe that he’d be able to take back what was his one day.

Arielle’s heart was beating like a drum, and she would peek at Vinson every time she got the chance to do so.

Does he also like me?

She couldn’t stop doubting as Vinson had this plain expression on his face and said nothing since they walked out of the elevator.

“Shall I send you back to school?” he finally asked.

“Yes, please.” Arielle nodded.

She was hoping that he would extend their conversation but he was as quiet as a log.

At the school gate, Arielle looked quizzically at Vinson. “Bye?”

He gazed into her eyes, slowly traced his eyes down her cheeks, and onto her lips.

Seconds later, he flicked his gaze away and let out a cough. “I’ll pick you up after school and we’ll pay my mom a visit. What do you say

“Vinson, do you like me?” Arielle bit her lips for a while before mustering enough courage to hurl Vinson this question.

She had asked him the same question once before but had gotten a negative answer.

Click! Vinson unbuckled his seatbelt and moved closer to Arielle, and before she could react, his soft lips were pressed firmly against hers.

“Of course, I like you. Arielle, I really like you. I’ve never been in a relationship and I don’t know how to woo girls. But I promise I’ll learn so I could please


“Pfft! Vinson, you’re sillier than me!” Arielle chuckled, got off the car, and scuttled into the school.

She somehow felt that the flowers around the school were blooming for her. Every breath she took in smelled of sweet floral fragrance.

Vinson likes me. He really likes me!

Meanwhile, Vinson had his palm against his chest in the car. He’d never experienced such a sensation before.

Only God knows how anxious and scared he was when he kissed Arielle. He feared that she might push him away.

But she didn’t push me away. She didn’t! Yes!


The over six foot CEO giggled like a child in his car.

A few seconds later, he gave Jordan a call.

“I‘m gonna give you five million. Show me your way of wooing girls.”

Jordan staggered for a bit before he gave his secret. “The way to girls’ hearts are fresh bouquets and a good sense of humor.”

“A good sense of humor?”

“You have everything but you’re too boring. Girls like men who are fun and you’re anything but that. They’ll eventually lose interest in you.”

“There goes your five million.”


“No, no, no! You’re a humorous one! How about this, watch this romance drama called The CEO And I. Since the guy in the show is a CEO like you, you might learn a few tricks that work for you.”

While Jordan was trying to save his fleeting five million, another episode was brewing at the hotel.

Before Donovan could hail a taxi outside the hotel, Queenie caught up and stopped him.

“You can’t just leave like that, Donovan!”

“What is it that you want now? If it weren’t for you, things wouldn’t have gone south.” Donovan threw a glance back at her.

“You’re the one who spritzed the perfume onto yourself and you are the one who put me onto your bed. Now that things are messed up, am I the only one to blame? I’m also the victim here, okay! You’re going to be responsible for what had happened.”

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