A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 716

Chapter 716

Under the line, Rhine Ustranasion Machine Translation was the address of the Ustranasion website. The copyright notice was the reason that Thomas had realized the lesson plan had not been translated by Wendy.

When Wendy saw those words, her eyes widened to the point they nearly popped out of their sockets.

Machine translation?

How could she have used machine translation for this?

The grimace was apparent on Arthur’s face as he continued, “We’ve given you the opportunity to translate this is because we were hoping you would be able to learn from this as well as letting you have a chance to contribute to both the school and Maxwell University. Is this all you have to give to us?”

“Professor Sleight, I…” Wendy’s face went pale, and she was panicking. “I don’t know what happened. Professor Sleight, I…”

“Stop it,” Arthur interrupted before turning to cast Thomas an apologetic look. “Professor Harlem, my sincerest apologies. We’re too lenient on our students. It’s our fault to have let her give you a shoddy work like


Thomas frowned. “Using a translation tool is not the main issue here. The main issue is that we’re planning to use this lesson plan for our research. Most of the terms translated by a machine aren’t accurate, so this lesson

plan would not be of any use to us.”

At that, Arthur bit his lips before he proposed, “Please give us another day. We’ll definitely translate a new copy for you.”

However, Thomas waved his hand dismissively and said, “I don’t have that much time. At most, I can only give you three hours.”

“Three hours?” Arthur shrieked out before realizing he had lost control of his emotions. With an apologetic smile, he then said, “Professor Harlem, are you cracking a joke? Three hours? Even if we gathered all our Ustranasion teachers, we still won’t be able to make it within three hours.”

Not only did they need to translate the original text, but they also needed to organize the information in the lesson plan.

It would have been easier if it was a lesson plan of languages or other subjects, but the lesson plan they were translating was advanced mathematics. It was ten times harder than any other subject.

Three hours was certainly a time too short for them.

Nevertheless, Thomas shook his head. “This is the most I can give you. I need to attend an important meeting back at my side. If you can’t do this, then I’ll be taking my leave right away. However, I’m afraid I won’t be able to give you Maxwell University’s lesson plan. This has been an exchange, but if you can’t uphold your end

of the deal, I’d have to go back on my words.”

Arthur bit down hard on his lower lip before he finally agreed, “Okay. Give us another three hours. After three hours, we’ll definitely hand over the translated lesson plan to you.”

Thomas nodded. “I’ll give you another chance, then. I’ll be going out for a meal now. When I’m back, I hope you’d be almost done.”

“Enjoy your meal.” Arthur gestured politely toward the doorway. With another nod, Thomas left.

The moment Thomas stepped out of the meeting room, Arthur called Marcus and informed him about the matter.

Instantly, Marcus snapped, “How could she have used machine translation? It took me so long to get Maxwell University to agree to exchange lesson plans with us! You’re a bunch of fools too. How could you possibly assign such an important task to a student without any supervision?”

“This is indeed our fault, but Wendy had been extremely sure that she would be able to succeed in the task. We thought she really could do it, so that’s why


“Stop explaining. What we should be prioritizing right now is translating the lesson plan in three hours. I’ll inform all Ustranasion teachers and advanced mathematics teachers to gather at the meeting room to

assist in the translation. As for Wendy… Once everything is over, she’ll have to hand over a letter of denunciation of three thousand words.”

“I understand, Mr. Brown.”

After the call ended, Arthur turned to Wendy. “Did you hear that?”

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