A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 720

Chapter 720

Wendy nearly burst out laughing.

Direct Interpretation? What kind of joke are they trying to make?

Arielle hasn’t seen the lesson plan before, has she? Does she think that she’ll be translating day-to-day conversations?

The content of the lesson plan is tough to comprehend even in its original language, Chanaean, let alone translating it into Ustranasion on the spot. She’s certainly thinking too highly of herself!

Isn’t she afraid of falling from the great heights she has climbed to?

Well, I’ll be clapping when she falls. When that happens, Professor Sleight won’t be dwelling on my minor mistake.

With that thought in mind, Wendy said, “Speech recognition software is quite accurate nowadays. If Arielle is capable of interpreting it on the spot, we’ll be done with the lesson plan in less than an hour.”

However, the other teachers were still worried.

After all, Arielle had never seen the lesson plan before. If she were to fail in translating after actually seeing the lesson plan, the school would be embarrassing itself in front of Thomas again.

Thus, they whispered to Arthur, “Can she really do this?

Wendy was accepted into the university because she ranked first in the exams. Wendy had used machine translation for the lesson plan. I really don’t think this student will be able to excel in this.”

If Arielle could not complete the task, then it would be a humiliating moment for all of them.

Arthur was as anxious as them. However, he knew that Arielle had good grades in Ustranasion; he had actually heard from Donovan that her grades in other subjects were terrible.

Therefore, he wondered if Arielle could succeed in translating a lesson plan on advanced mathematics.

At that thought, Arthur took in a deep breath and said to Arielle, “You should have a look at our lesson plan first.”

Arielle did not reject him, and she followed him toward the table to have a look at the lesson plan.

“How is it?” Arthur tentatively asked. “Do you think you can do it?”

“It should be fine. I’ll be able to complete this in half an hour.”

“Half an hour?” Arthur howled out, his voice cracking at the end.

Even the other teachers had similar looks of shock on their faces when they heard it.

Arielle smiled and calmly uttered, “Professor Sleight, trust me. The school can always depend on all of you if I fail, right?”

Somehow, when Arthur looked at Arielle’s calm and collected demeanor, he began to calm down.

“You’re right. We’ll still pull it through if you can’t make it. Go ahead and give it a try then.”

“Okay, please switch on the projector. If I make a mistake in the translation, the other teachers will be able to spot it in time.”

“Are you sure?” Arthur lowered his voice and asked. “If you turn on the projector, Professor Harlem will be seeing the mistakes as well.”.

“That’s even better. I’m sure he’ll know when I’m making an error in my translations. That way, it’ll help us correct it in time.”

Arielle was not at all anxious.

That attitude she had was something Arthur knew he did not possess.

“All right then since you insist.”

With that said, Arthur connected the computer screen to the meeting room’s screen and logged into the speech recognition software.

In the meantime, Wendy was grinning maliciously as

she watched Arthur working on the devices.

I thought how smart Arielle could be, but as it turns out, she’s casting aside her rationality for the sake of showing off.

Projecting it to everyone else means that Arielle is burning her own bridge.

At that moment, a thought entered Wendy’s mind. She unlocked her phone and logged in to Jadeborough University’s forum before turning on the livestream function and starting a livestream of Arielle doing the translation.

The title of the livestream was: Arielle From Preparatory Class Is About To Translate A Tough Advanced Mathematics Lesson Plan Live. Come Watch Her!

Wendy even spent money to make sure her channel would be pinned at the top. That way, the students in the forum would be able to spot it the moment they logged into the forum

As Wendy had expected, in less than five seconds, over a hundred students were watching the livestream.


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