A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 971

Chapter 971 Stupid Donovan

Instead of getting riled up, Arielle simply arched an eyebrow in amusement and said with a smile, “Oh? What about you, then? How is a lecturer who would drug his own student and commit such disgusting acts any more worthy of teaching in Jadeborough University? I bet you’d lose your job as a lecturer if word got out!”

“You…” Donovan was livid with rage, but he couldn’t say anything in retaliation.

Even though Queenie had tempted him into doing that, he did actually go through with the plan, albeit with no success.

“Looks like I got you there, Mr. Baxter.” Arielle casually leaned against the door frame as she continued, “I do have something to tell you, though. I heard you didn’t get the graduation certificate from Maxwell University, and that the education department didn’t provide you with a teaching certificate for Maxwell University, either. Should you fail to get at least three students into Maxwell University this year, they would have your name removed.”

Donovan broke out in a cold sweat upon hearing that.

“How did you…”

“How did I know that? All I can say is, don’t do something if you don’t want to get caught. I know what you’re thinking, Mr. Baxter.” Arielle narrowed her eyes and glared coldly at him as she continued, “My patience is limited, so you’d better stop messing with me, or you’ll be expelled from Maxwell University for sure. I can guarantee you that!”

Donovan felt an inexplicable sense of unease but forced himself to appear calm as he snapped back at her, “Who do you think you are? You’re in no position to threaten me! Instead of concerning yourself with my personal issues, you should worry about the questions you’re about to get later! Prepare yourself to go from being a genius student to a filthy cheater!”

For some unknown reason, staring into Arielle’s eyes filled Donovan’s heart with intense fear.

Not wanting to look at her for a second longer, he stormed into the auditorium after saying that.

Arielle held her chin up high as she watched Donovan leave.

Those who graduate from Maxwell University are important assets of Chanaea, so I wasn’t planning on stopping you at first. However, you keep testing my patience time after time… I’ve given you a final warning, so it’s up to you whether you heed it or not. Don’t say I didn’t give you a chance!

With that in mind, Arielle waltzed into the auditorium and found Trisha’s seat based on the information in the text message received.

Trisha breathed a sigh of relief when Arielle sat down beside her. “You’re finally here, Sannie! The principal was talking about your case earlier. I was afraid that the others would accuse you of having a guilty conscience if you don’t show up!”

Arielle gently patted her on the head and said, “Relax! I’m here now, aren’t I?”

Trisha was about to say something when Terry exchanged seats with the student next to Arielle and whispered, “Yo, Boss! Were you doing your revision earlier? Are you prepared?”

Terry’s eyes were filled with concern as everyone in the preparatory class except Wendy knew for sure that Arielle didn’t cheat in the exams.

They also knew how much Donovan disliked Arielle and feared he would give her difficult questions to accuse her of cheating.

“Don’t worry. Donovan couldn’t possibly think of anything difficult with that pea brain of his!” Arielle replied calmly.

He wouldn’t have failed to get the graduation certificate from Maxwell University if he were smart, after all!

Terry flashed Arielle an awkward look in response, as she was the only student who dared talk about Donovan like that.

Wendy, who was seated in the row in front of Arielle, overheard her words and subconsciously gritted her teeth in response.

Such insolence! How dare she call Mr. Baxter stupid! I hope he’ll hit her with a tough one later! That ought to teach her a lesson on humility!

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