A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 972

Chapter 972 Justice May Come Late

Soon, the other students, apart from those who sat for the exam, were all seated, and their parents began entering the auditorium.

Cecilia dragged Susanne to the seats in the center.

Having spent the entire afternoon shopping with Cecilia, Susanne let out a sigh when she finally had a chance to sit down.

Man, my legs are killing me! I’m not as young as I used to be!

Susanne thought to herself before the lights in the auditorium came on all of a sudden.

The principal then went on the stage with a microphone in hand and said, “Before we begin tonight’s charity gala, we will have a little activity featuring one of our students. Arielle Moore from the preparatory class has aced the examination with full scores on all subjects, but Mr. Baxter has disputed those results. After conducting a discussion with the lecturers, we’ve arrived at a unanimous decision to have Mr. Baxter publicly test Arielle to determine if she is truly capable of obtaining those perfect scores.”

Right as Susanne was finally able to relax a little, she got nervous and tensed up after hearing that.

“Did you hear that, Susanne? This is a unanimous decision made by the lecturers! It seems the other lecturers, too, find Arielle’s scores a little too perfect to be true!” Cecilia said with a snicker.

Susanne simply pursed her lips and kept quiet.

Noticing no response from her, Cecilia broke into a grin and continued, “Honestly, Arielle sure is stupid! Most people would at most copy the answers for a few questions and do the rest themselves, but she went ahead and cheated her way to a full score! At this point, I’m not even sure if she’s too smart or too stupid for her own good! It sure is funny, though!”

“I don’t think it’s fair to call her a cheater until the results are out!” Susanne exclaimed with a frown.

Cecilia shrugged. “Since you insist on seeing it that way, then I guess we’ll just wait for the results.”

The other students in the auditorium, too, began discussing among themselves after hearing what the principal said.

“Did Arielle really cheat her way to full scores?”

“I don’t think so. No cheater would be dumb enough to go for full scores on all four subjects!”

“Still, it does indeed seem a little odd. I hear the preparatory class got some pretty tough papers for the exam, and she managed to get perfect scores on all four subjects… It is kind of hard to not find that a little suspicious…”

“I think so too. I also heard she skips class very often, so it doesn’t seem possible for her to get such perfect scores no matter how you look at it.”

The auditorium soon became incredibly noisy with all the chatter going on in the background.

The principal tapped on the microphone and said, “Quiet down, students! Now, without further ado, we’ll have Mr. Baxter write down the questions. Arielle, please get ready to answer the questions. We’ve prepared a blackboard for you here, so you can use it to do your calculations.”

“No need. I’ll just answer the questions from here,” Arielle replied without leaving her seat.

“You mean you plan on doing the calculations in your head? You’re not going to use the blackboard at all?” the principal asked in surprise.

Arielle nodded. “That’s right.”

As she was seated in the center, it would be troublesome for her to get to the aisle and walk to the blackboard in front.

To Arielle’s surprise, her response caused the entire auditorium to go into an uproar.

“What? She’s going to do all those calculations in her head?”

“My goodness, she must be a real genius!”

“I think we should keep our expectations low until she actually starts answering the questions.”

“Yeah, I agree. If she really was a cheater, she’d definitely be exposed soon. It would really damage the university’s reputation if word were to get out.”

Wendy couldn’t help but break into a grin when she heard what Arielle said.

Justice may come late, but it will never be absent!

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