A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 973

Chapter 973 Witness The Humiliation Of Arielle

The spotlight in the auditorium shone on Donovan as he quickly got on stage and stood in the center of it.

It almost seemed like he was the embodiment of justice.

Donovan tightened his grip on the paper that he had written the questions on as he looked down at it.

The first two questions were incredibly difficult ones about quantum mechanics, while the third question had been changed to the one in his thesis.

Arielle stood up when he glanced at the crowd and locked gazes with him.

The atmosphere was so tense that it felt as if there were invisible sparks in the air between them.

She actually couldn’t be bothered to even stand up, but she did so reluctantly when Trisha kept urging her to by saying, “I think you should stand up when answering the questions.”

Donovan stared deeply into Arielle’s eyes and said coldly, “I will read out the questions once before writing them down on the blackboard.”

Arielle simply nodded in response, much to Wendy’s amusement.

She’s still being so rude even though she’s in public, huh? Heh… Let’s see your conceited a*s get humiliated in front of everyone, Arielle! Once you get exposed for being a cheater, I’ll be the top student in the preparatory class!

Wendy snickered at the thought of that and fidgeted excitedly in her seat.

Donovan then began reading out the questions, “Question number one, when a particle moves in a one-dimensional potential field, find the energy level of the particle and the corresponding wave function…”

There was a brief moment of complete silence in the auditorium after hearing the question, which was then followed by an uproar.

“What? Is he even speaking Chanaean? How come I’ve never heard of those words?”

“Isn’t this supposed to be a question on quantum mechanics? Why is he talking about potentials and fields?”

“It’s ‘potential field’! Still, isn’t this question a little too difficult?”

Wendy’s expression became stiff, as most of those terms were new to her, so answering the question was definitely an impossible task.

Even so, she quickly broke into a smirk as she realized what was going on.

Mr. Baxter sure is merciless here! The exam questions about quantum mechanics only needed us to prove some equations, so anyone could solve them simply by memorizing the formulas beforehand. As smart as Arielle may be, I doubt she’d be able to solve this one!

To her surprise and amusement, Arielle simply responded by saying, “Go on.”

What? She’s asking him to continue with the second question? Did she get so confused by the first question that she’s trying to see if she can understand the second one?

Wendy let out another snicker at the thought of that.

The preparatory class students had the seats closest to the stage in front, so Arielle and Donovan were only about four meters apart.

As the students had quietened down at the time, Donovan was able to clearly hear what she said and frowned in response.

I really don’t like her condescending attitude, but I have to continue reading out the rest of my questions.

With that in mind, Donovan held his paper up and proceeded with the second question. “Find two possible states of microscopic particles. A and B are complex constants, and the microscopic particles are represented by…”

The entire auditorium fell into a deathly silence once again as everyone wondered what on earth was going on.

Donovan then continued to read out his third question without pausing. “The third question will be on further mathematics. Please find the…”

Most of the students whipped out their phones and began doing their calculations after hearing the question.

Despite sounding rather simple, the calculations required to solve it were incredibly complicated.

While the students were starting to write down the formulas, Arthur, who had been watching from the side, couldn’t stand it anymore and went on stage to confront Donovan.

“Mr. Baxter, with the exception of the final one, the other questions are beyond the scope of the syllabus! This method of evaluation is unfair for Arielle!”

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