A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 974

Chapter 974 Mental Calculations

Most of the students chimed in and expressed their dissatisfaction as well, especially those from the preparatory class.

Terry stood up from his seat and shouted out loud, “Our exam papers may have been difficult, but they’re nowhere near this level of difficulty! I don’t think these questions are able to determine if Arielle cheated in the exams!”

Trisha clenched her fists tightly in anger as well.

It’s obvious that Mr. Baxter is deliberately picking on Arielle here!

Unable to hold herself back any longer, Wendy stood up and snapped back at them, “You guys might find these questions difficult, but have you forgotten that Arielle got full scores on those papers? It’s only natural that we raise the bar a little for someone that smart!”

Terry glared at her and asked, “Oh? Seeing as you came in second, you should be able to answer those three questions too, right?”

Wendy burned bright red as she stammered anxiously, “I… I didn’t get full marks in the exams!”

“Then why would you say—”

“That’s enough!” Arielle cut Terry off and turned toward Donovan as she continued, “Mr. Baxter, could you please repeat the question?”

Donovan pouted as he didn’t know why Arielle was still putting up an act, but he did as told and repeated the three questions anyway.

After that, he was about to say something when Arielle spoke up all of a sudden. “For the first question, y, xt is equal to the power of π to the power of 2a.”

Donovan’s eyes went wide with shock after he heard that.

“For the second question, 4f1 equals…”

After that, she proceeded with the third question. “As for the third question, lim is equal to 3/4π.”

Hearing her answers, Donovan shuddered and broke out in a cold sweat.

That’s correct… Arielle answered them correctly!

The other students were silent as they weren’t sure if their answers were correct, but they figured Arielle nailed all three questions when they saw Donovan’s expression.

We don’t even understand those questions, and Arielle answered all three of them correctly in less than a minute?

Wendy’s expression grew stiff at the thought of that. “Y-You’ve got to be kidding me…”

Even Arthur was in complete disbelief.

Apart from the further mathematics question, the other two are so difficult that I can’t even do the calculations mentally, let alone solve them in such a short period of time! I can’t believe Arielle was able to do so and even got them all correct!

He then turned toward Donovan and asked, “Mr. Baxter, Arielle has given you her answers. Did she get them right?”

Donovan was so stunned that he only snapped out of it when Arthur gave him a light nudge.

“She… She…”

Unable to say that Arielle had answered them correctly, he just kept mumbling the same word over and over.

Arthur lost his patience and took the paper over from Donovan before saying, “Arielle, please repeat your answers again.”

Arielle nodded and calmly repeated her answers while Arthur checked them by referring to the ones on the paper.

After confirming that they were all correct, Arthur raised his hands and shouted excitedly, “You answered them all correctly!”

Arielle simply flashed him a faint smile in response, as she wasn’t surprised in the slightest.

Wendy, on the other hand, was so taken aback that she slumped weakly against her seat as her mind went blank.

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