A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 975

Chapter 975 She Does Not Deserve This Treatment

Ignoring Wendy’s expression, Arthur exclaimed happily, “Arielle, it looks like your perfect scores on the exams are justified!”

“Hold up! She has yet to finish answering the last question!” Donovan shouted when he came to a sudden realization.

Arthur frowned and got so annoyed that he even forgot to address Donovan formally as he protested, “What on earth are you going on about, Donovan? I’ve already confirmed her answer to the last question!”

“I haven’t finished reading the rule for solving the last question. She needs to solve it using three different methods, or it doesn’t count as a complete answer!” Donovan replied with his fists clenched.

Arthur snapped back at him coldly, “Now you’re just being unreasonable! Why do you have to be like this in front of everyone?”

Donovan sneered. “What do you mean unreasonable? It’s clearly stated there on the paper that she has to solve the question with three different methods. What? Did you not read it properly?”

Arthur paused for a moment and quickly checked the question on the paper, only to see the instruction that read: This question must be solved using three different methods.

His frowned deepened as he asked, “Why didn’t you say so sooner?”

Donovan was at a loss for words, as he didn’t even expect for Arielle to solve the first question so quickly, let alone all three of them.

He decided to ignore Arthur and looked straight at Arielle as he said, “As you’ve heard, you need to solve the last question with three different methods! Only then will I be able to confirm that you didn’t cheat during the exams!”

Everyone had thought the first two questions were difficult, but the last one was actually the most difficult one of all. Donovan had spent over a month trying to come up with a third method to solve the question, but to no avail. As such, he believed it would be impossible for Arielle to solve it.

A cold glint appeared in Arielle’s eyes as she pursed her lips in response.

Right as Donovan thought she would lose her cool and start hurling abuse at him, Arielle stood up and told Terry who was seated next to her, “Move aside. I’m coming through.”

Terry immediately lifted both of his feet onto the seat, prompting the other students in that row to follow suit.

Just like that, they cleared a path for Arielle to make her way toward the aisle on the side.

Envy filled Wendy’s eyes when she saw Arielle casually walking through the narrow space between the two rows.

Those preparatory class students are being way too nice to her! Even when she’s suspected of cheating, they’re still treating her like she’s some kind of god! What has she done to deserve such treatment?

Wendy bit down hard on her lip at the thought of that and kept praying that Arielle would be unable to solve the question.

That was when she heard some of the students whispering among each other. “Three different methods? Does such a solution even exist? I can only think of one method, and I’m not even done with it yet!”

“I’m done with my first method, but I can’t think of a second method.”

Wendy then recalled the question and began doing the calculations on her phone, only to realize halfway through the solution that she, too, could only solve it with one method.

There’s no way Arielle can solve it with three different methods, right?

Having made it onto the stage, Arielle ignored Donovan completely as she took the chalk from Arthur and walked toward the blackboard behind her.

A camera was pointed at the blackboard to show all the students how Arielle solved the question.

She then began scribbling down the steps on the blackboard effortlessly as if she didn’t even need to think about it.

In less than a minute, she had finished writing down her solution using the first method.

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