A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 976

Chapter 976 Arthur Freaks Out

That was the exact same solution that Wendy came up with.

Wendy narrowed her eyes and exhaled sharply as she thought to herself.

There’s no way Arielle could possibly come up with any more methods, right?

The next thing she knew, Arielle bent over slightly and began scribbling on the blackboard once again.

Wendy’s jaw dropped when she saw Arielle finish writing her solution with the second method in less than a minute.

Instead of using formulas from further mathematics, she used spatial geometry to solve it.

Her solution was so ingenious that most of the students who aced their further mathematics papers applauded and cheered in response.

Even Terry was close to tears when he saw her solution. “Boss sure is amazing… Why didn’t I think of that?”

The student next to him said with a chuckle, “That’s why she’s called ‘Boss’ and you’re just ‘Terry’. We’d call you ‘Boss’ too if you figured that out yourself!”

Terry nodded profusely and made no attempts to deny the fact that he was inferior compared to Arielle.

Wendy bit down on her lip as she tried to comfort herself.

Are you kidding me right now? I can’t believe Arielle actually did it! Calm down, Wendy… There’s still a third method! There’s no way she’d be able to figure that out!

Even Donovan felt his heart skip a beat when he saw that and began questioning if he had really been misjudging Arielle.

Is it really possible for a student who got into Jadeborough University through personal connections to truly be smarter than Wendy? Even so, she can’t possibly be smarter than me! Like my mentor said, only that senior named San can solve it with a third method! It’s a shame I haven’t been able to find her, or I would’ve finished writing my thesis long ago!

Donovan was snapped out of his train of thoughts by the tapping noises made by the chalk on the blackboard.

He tensed up and quickly turned to look at the blackboard, only to see Arielle rapidly scribbling down some formulas used in elementary mathematics.

According to my mentor, San has a habit of using formulas from elementary mathematics to solve further mathematics questions. Why would Arielle know this? Is it just a mere coincidence, or is she actually…

The thought was so terrifying that even Donovan was a little frightened by it.

He was quick to disregard that possibility and snickered in response.

Nah, that’s not possible! Arielle can’t possibly be San! First of all, their ages don’t even match! Also, if Arielle had graduated from Maxwell University, why would she even bother getting into Jadeborough University? She even had to resort to using personal connections just to get in!

No matter how much Donovan was in denial, there was nothing he could do to change the fact that Arielle had solved the question using three different methods.

Meanwhile, Arthur was so shocked by what he saw that he even rubbed his eyes to make sure he was seeing it right. After taking some time to carefully analyze Arielle’s solutions, he lost his composure and was shaken to the core.

Not only does Arielle excel in Ustranasion, but she’s also this good at further mathematics? What kind of genius is she? I must’ve done a lot of good deeds in my past life to be blessed with such a great student!

The camera in the auditorium shifted its focus back to the blackboard once again.

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