A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 978

Chapter 978 A Rude Awakening

Vinson’s voice drifted through the phone. “Mom, where are you?”

“I’m at Jadeborough University,” Susanne replied as she walked to the doors of the auditorium. Unable to help herself, she began recounting Arielle’s impressive math-solving spectacle to Vinson.

After she finished her story, Vinson paused, seemingly in thought. Sometime later, he asked, “Mom, does this mean you’ve accepted Arielle?”

Susanne coughed in surprise, her face blushing inexplicably.

“That’s nonsense! I was only telling you what I saw today. I haven’t accepted her; for your sake, I’m giving her three months to prove herself.”

Vinson chuckled before saying, “So, did she prove herself tonight?”

“She…” The words seemed to have caught in Susanne’s throat as she trailed off. Coughing several times, she continued, “Acing her studies isn’t the only requirement. The Moores are nothing like their former selves. She won’t be able to help you in your business ventures.”

“Got it! I’ll pass on your words and motivate her to try harder.”

“Pfft, what motivation?” Susanne mumbled awkwardly.

Suddenly, as if she had remembered something, she asked, “Why did you call me?”

Her question reminded Vinson of his reasons for contacting Susanne.

“I know you’ve been tolerating the Greenes for two days because of my business in Horington,” he explained. “Well, you can look forward to seven o’clock. The Greenes are going down.”

Upon hearing that, Susanne’s eyes lit up as she stammered, “What do you mean? The Greenes-”

“Mom, please don’t breathe a word of this,” Vinson interrupted her. “I just wanted to let you know earlier that you wouldn’t have to put up with the Greenes any longer. They won’t be a threat to me anymore.”

“All right, I understand. I won’t say a thing.”

“Well, I’m heading to the university now to pick you and Sannie up.”


Susanne found herself taking a deep breath after the call ended. All the tension seemed to leave her body in an instant.

She never thought that the family she had once considered as her prospective in-laws would one day disgust her so.

In contrast, her many grievances about Arielle in the past were beginning to fall apart.

Clearing her throat, Susanne recalled Arielle’s three-month ultimatum. I will not accept her into the family if she can’t show me her value by then.

It was right then that Cecilia had finally placated Wendy, and the pair ran into Susanne as they were heading back to the auditorium.

Cecilia hurried toward Susanne and asked, “Susanne, what are you doing out here?”

Susanne waved her phone at them. “Oh, I took a call,” came her indifferent reply.

The uneasiness Wendy felt came rushing back when she took in Susanne’s expression.

Biting her lip, Wendy steeled herself as she took a step forward. “Mrs. Nightshire, I promise that I’ll get into Maxwell University!” she declared.

Amused, Susanne asked, “Why are you promising me such a thing? You should be saying this to your parents.”

Her nonchalance appeared to tick Cecilia off as the latter voiced, “Susanne, what on earth do you mean? Wendy is your future daughter-in-law. Getting into Maxwell University would be a proud moment for you as well.”

“Future daughter-in-law?” Susanne tilted her head in mock confusion. “When have I ever called Wendy my future daughter-in-law?” she questioned.

At that, Wendy’s expression fell instantly.

“Mrs. Nightshire?”

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