A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 982

Chapter 982 Donovan And His Revelation

Marcus did not leave the stage after resolving the matter of Arielle’s innocence. Instead, he began the narrative regarding Kelsea and other stories detailing Donovan’s misconduct with Arielle.

Throughout Marcus’ speech, Donovan’s face was contorted in a fury so intense that his outburst seemed imminent.

However, the rational part of him reminded him that doing so would completely ruin any dignity he had left as a teacher.

At long last, Marcus concluded his speech.

Turning toward Donovan, he addressed the younger man, “This accusation has been nothing short of serious. Since you have chosen to take the matter up to involve the entire school, you have given me no choice but to reprimand you in a similar fashion.”

Donovan’s heart sank. Unable to find any words to defend himself with, he was forced to accept Marcus’ rebuke. “If you fail to ensure the success of three of your students in the upcoming interviews for Maxwell University, and if you are unable to obtain your teaching and academic certificates from Maxwell University as proof of your affiliation with them, Jadeborough University will officially dismiss you as a member of the teaching faculty.”

Donovan stood thunderstruck.

That’s it. I’m done for. After all the careful efforts to conceal the matter, Marcus just told the whole school about it.

The crowd, who were initially transfixed during Marcus’ speech regarding Donovan’s past misdeeds, erupted suddenly in a deafening outburst.

“What? Donovan has never even graduated from Maxwell University?”

“I can’t believe it! When he first brought me into his preparatory class, he was boasting that he was one of the best teachers who has graduated from Maxwell University!”

Terry was near tears from glee.

“Hah! Now I get why Master Arielle always says that he has sh*t for brains. He didn’t even graduate!”

“This is considered fraud, you know. To lie about your qualifications. People these days think they can get away with anything.”

The comments made by the students of the preparatory class were polite in comparison to what the other students had to say.

“How dare an idiot who lied about his credentials accuse my goddess of cheating? Could he be jealous that she’s cleverer than him?”

“What a shameless thing to do! If it were up to me, I’ll kick him out right now instead of having to keep him around until the interviews.”

“Hah, look at his terrified face! I bet he did not think this through! If I were him, I would never challenge such a genius student, and I would just stick my nose in my own business!”

“A teacher? He’s not even fit to shine my shoes!”

Though the scathing remarks made by the students grew in volume, Donovan did his best to pretend not to hear any of them. The only indication that he had heard was his knuckles turning white from clenching his fists in a rage.

“Well then, Mr. Baxter.” Marcus turned to Donovan as he moved the microphone away. “Even though Arielle wouldn’t accept your apology, that is what you have promised the staff after all. We would still like to hear it.”

His tone, too, was hostile and unpleasant, which was vastly different from his usual affable demeanor. His sternness was not lost to the students, who nudged one another as they had never known their principal to behave in such a manner.

Finding himself face-to-face with scowls from his fellow teachers, Donovan reluctantly took the microphone from Marcus.

As he was opening his mouth to speak, his gaze found its way to Arielle.

Though the audience was plunged in the shadows of the auditorium, Arielle seemed to have a halo of light over her head. Her cold eyes especially glowed like stars, which made her look otherworldly in the midst of her drab surroundings.

Without realizing it, Donovan gulped as he had a revelation.

Why shouldn’t Arielle obtain a spot in Maxwell University, anyway? It would be a breeze for her, especially after demonstrating her mathematical prowess against my three questions! She has a higher chance of qualifying for Maxwell University than Wendy, that’s for sure!

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