A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 983

Chapter 983 Insignificant

Rather than break my back trying to mentor a simpleton like Wendy to obtain a spot in Maxwell, wouldn’t it be much easier to have a genius like Arielle do it all on her own? Since there’s no more chance to be romantically involved with her, she would serve me better as a tool to guarantee my graduation.

Confident that his sudden inspiration would begin to turn the tides of his predicament, Donovan felt a weight lifted off his chest.

With the microphone in his hand, he gazed steadily at Arielle. “I would like to offer my sincere apology to you, Arielle. I am sorry for my past misconduct, though I, too, have been unaware of the matter before. Let’s put this behind us, shall we?”

Arielle merely dug her fingers into her ears with a look of disgust.

The gesture was not lost upon Donovan. With a supreme effort to compose himself by fixating on Arielle’s potential to salvage his career, he spoke once more.

“As a demonstration of my sincerity, I promise to devote my time and attention to you in the coming days to ensure that you gain a spot in Maxwell University.”

Arielle chuckled in disdain before standing up abruptly. “No, thank you.”

Donovan’s grimace-like smile froze on his face. “What do you mean by that? I’ve already apologized to you despite you not wanting to hear it! I’m sure you wouldn’t give up the opportunity for a spot in Maxwell University just because of a feud with me! I’m willing to bury the hatchet between us to coach you.”

“Maybe I wasn’t clear enough,” Arielle replied with a bland look on her face. “I do not need a spot for an interview with Maxwell. Please let somebody else in greater need of it have it.”

Donovan lost his temper.

“Arielle, do you have any idea what you’re saying? Have you seen the number of students who study through the night just for an opportunity like this?”

Even Trisha, who was seated beside Arielle, began to look uneasy.

“Sannie, don’t speak out of anger!”

Arielle stroked the back of Trisha’s head comfortingly. “I know exactly what I’m talking about. I truly do not need to be included, as I have already graduated from Maxwell University.”

The auditorium fell deathly silent following her proclamation, before erupting in a roar of excited chatter.

“What? Do my ears deceive me?”

“No, they do not! I heard her too. She said she had already graduated from Maxwell University!”

Susanne widened her eyes in shock.

“Maxwell University! Did the girl actually graduate from Maxwell University?”

Though Cecilia was initially shocked like the others, she regained her composure fairly quickly. “She’s just a bratty child speaking out of turn, Susanne. If she really did graduate from Maxwell University, why did she have to come back to the country to enroll herself in Jadeborough University? From my understanding, she’s only been brought to Jadeborough this year after spending her entire life in a village. How could she have graduated from Maxwell University if she had not even stepped foot out of the country?”

Susanne nodded. “You have a point. According to the information, she was always…”

Her voice trailed off suddenly as she gazed at Cecilia with eyes narrowed with suspicion.

“Did you have Arielle investigated?”

Cecilia hurriedly tried to undo her mistake. “Investigated? She’s famous enough for being the ambassador of Soir Coffee! Her entire history could be found on the internet. I would be a fool to hire an investigator just to uncover that!”

“Is that so?” Susanne’s eyes became slits, conveying blatantly that she did not believe a word of Cecilia’s.

In the meantime, Wendy who was seated with the rest of preparatory class students was shaking like a leaf.

Arielle has already graduated from Maxwell? What sort of a sick joke is this? Impossible!

“Stop lying!” Wendy demanded shrilly as she turned back to glare at Arielle.

If she is telling the truth about being a graduate of Maxwell University, then I’m just a nobody in her eyes!

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