A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 984

Chapter 984 Graduate Of Maxwell University

Arielle did not even spare Wendy a glance.

There’s that same look of disrespect she gave Donovan earlier!

Wendy clenched her fists until her nails dug into the flesh of her palms.

Even Marcus and Arthur were stunned at Arielle’s extraordinary statement.

“Arielle, i-is that true?” Marcus asked breathlessly after snatching the microphone out from Donovan’s hand.

“That’s right.” Arielle nodded. “I wouldn’t be able to lie about something like this, anyway. You can look up their database if you don’t believe me.”

“That’s impossible! She’s lying!” Donovan shrieked.

She was going to be a tool to secure my graduation and employment! She must have sensed my intentions, thus resorting to coming up with an outrageous lie like that!

“You’re lying! Are you trying to get back at me by giving up your spot for Maxwell University on purpose?” After having the last chance of redemption slip through his fingers, Donovan became utterly deranged. The students were startled to see such a deviation from his usual calm self.

Arielle pursed her lips. “Feel free to investigate it yourself and prove me wrong.”

However, Donovan was beyond reason at that moment. He was convinced that it was a lie conceived by Arielle after she found out that the future of his career depended on his success in enrolling three students in Maxwell University.

“Arielle, you’re—”

“Donovan, that’s enough!” Marcus roared. “Security! Kindly escort Mr. Baxter out of here!”

Two guards hurried over and pinned Donovan’s arms to his sides, then dragged him out of the auditorium with some difficulty.

The students were flabbergasted at the spectacle, having never before encountered a teacher as hysterical as Donovan.

Marcus hastened to repair the damage. “Mr. Baxter is not feeling too good today. Please don’t worry, we will have him right as rain soon enough. Since Arielle has graciously offered her spot to another student, the sixth in her class will inherit the honor. Professor Sleight, if you would kindly take over from Mr. Baxter in the meantime, I would be ever so grateful. We’ll submit all six names together as soon as the top student in the regular class is announced.”

“Yes, Mr. Brown.” Arthur nodded in a daze, clearly still trying to process the surprising turn of events.

As skeptical as Donovan was about Arielle’s claim of having graduated from Maxwell University, Arthur, on the other hand, had complete faith in Arielle.

With brains like hers, I would be surprised if she actually failed to graduate from Maxwell University. Actually, it would have been Maxwell University’s loss if she was never their alumnus.

After delegating the matter of interviews with Maxwell University, Marcus cleared his throat and addressed the auditorium once more. “Beloved students and guests, I apologize for the embarrassing matter earlier for taking up so much of our time. Without further ado, let us begin the charity auction! Ushers, kindly bring the donated items up on stage.”

Despite the announcement of the commencement of the charity auction, Wendy was still unable to move on from the way Arielle navigated her way out of her predicament.

Like Donovan, she was still unable to accept the fact that Arielle was a graduate of Maxwell University.

“Impossible! She must be lying,” Wendy muttered feverishly to herself.

Her classmates seated in her vicinity began to edge away from her, fearful for their safety lest she suddenly erupt in a temper the same way Donovan did.

“Master Arielle, have you really graduated from Maxwell University?” Terry asked excitedly.

“Yes,” Arielle answered with a nod.

Since Henrick was safely confined within the walls of Specialized Forces Prison, there was no need for Arielle to conceal her history anymore.

It is time for me to lower my walls and start trusting again.

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