A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 986

Chapter 986 Can You Afford Six Million

As it was rare to hear Arielle giving a compliment, it spoke volumes about the sculptor’s artistry.

Terry, who considered himself an authority of the school’s rich history, hastened to inform Arielle of its origins at the sight of her piqued interest. “This sculpture is made by an alumnus of Jadeborough University, Master Nicholas Leigh. He is now the best sculptor in the country.”

“I see.”

Every one of this university’s alumni is a talented individual, it seems. What a shame that a teacher like Donovan might have stifled some of their potentials.

As Marcus gave an introduction to the piece and its creator, some of the students in the crowd began to nod off. At long last, the bid for the sculpture began.

“The bid will start off at two million. Kindly be informed that only bids in increments of a hundred thousand will be accepted. Let the auction begin!”

As he spoke, the ushers scurried to hand out paddles to the parents. The flutter of movement within the auditorium roused the students out of their drowsiness.

As most of the students of Jadeborough University came from affluent families, two million was not considered an exorbitant sum.

Cecilia lost no time in making an impression. “Two and a half million!” she cried, waving her paddle frantically.

“Pfft!” Somebody in the crowd snorted in derision. “Is she an idiot?”

“Is that Wendy’s mother? Is she actively trying to make a fool out of herself?”

As the mockery was made purposefully audible, Wendy lowered her head in embarrassment.

I should not have asked Mom to come!

Susanne was amused. “Mrs. Greene, it appears that your bid is causing some jest among the students. Would you like to revise your offer?”

Cecilia raised her paddle again while blushing furiously. “Three million!”

Three million for a Leigh was as much as pieces of this caliber would generally go, as Nicholas was only thirty years of age. Though he was undoubtedly talented, he was still considered inexperienced. Cecilia was confident that the piece would skyrocket in value as his reputation as a master craftsman would solidify in the coming years.

As Susanne was seated right beside her, Cecilia did not dare go small in her bids.

Suddenly, a clear voice rang out. “Four million!”

Cecilia gazed disbelievingly over to the source of the voice.

Who is foolish enough to spend four million on a Leigh?

At the realization that the one who had raised the bid was Arielle, she froze.

Is this b*tch going against me on purpose?

Arielle’s actions did not go unnoticed by Wendy. “What are you doing, Arielle?” she demanded with a vicious glare toward Arielle.

Before she could retort, Terry leaped to her defense. “What? We’re at an auction in case you haven’t noticed. It’s obvious that Arielle intends to buy the piece.”

Wendy was so angry that her cheeks were flushed bright red.

“She’s doing this on purpose! She is intentionally trying to outbid my mother!”

Arielle cast a cold glance at Wendy. “I wouldn’t stoop to enter into a bidding war with the likes of you.”

Indeed, her intention of winning the bid for the sculpture was to gift it to Teddy with the hopes of encouraging him to study hard and earn a place in Jadeborough University.

If Wendy had not drawn my attention to the fact that the other bidder was her mother, I wouldn’t even have noticed it.

“You’re lying!” Wendy hissed, her face turning ashen grey. At that moment, Marcus struck the gavel.

“Four million, going once!”

Wendy bit her lip anxiously as she glanced at her mother.

Discerning her daughter’s unspoken plea accurately, Cecilia nodded grimly. I’m not going to be beaten by Arielle even if I make a loss on this.

“Five million!” Cecilia cried.

Marcus was taken aback before striking the gavel again. “Five million, going once.”

“Six million,” Arielle called without even batting an eyelid.

“Can you afford that, Arielle?” Wendy sneered. “I seem to recall that you’re a country bumpkin who might not know how auctions work. Once that gavel strikes, you’ve got to pay up, you know!”

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