A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 989

Chapter 989 One Hundred Million

The second item was quickly sold for a hundred thousand. Immediately after, the third item was carted out.

From Marcus’ brief introduction, the item was revealed to be a blue amber necklace, the work of a jewelry designer who was another alumnus of Jadeborough University.

Made from the sap of a tree and forged by the heat and pressure of the earth’s core over tens of millions of years, regular ambers were precious enough. Translucent and emitting a faint glow seemingly on its own, the mystique and beauty of the blue amber necklace on stage made other jewels look barely more impressive than cobblestones by comparison.

The value of its gem aside, the intricacies of the work done on the pendant itself showed quite plainly that it was a masterpiece that would be the highlight of the night.

There was a single black rose petal encased in the amber.

The lucky wearer of the necklace would undoubtedly attract attention wherever they went.

Arielle was not interested in jewelry. She seldom even wore make-up as she prioritized comfort and convenience over her vanity. As a result, the bid for the necklace barely sparked her interest.

Wendy, however, sat upright at once. The startling blue of the necklace was reflected in her greedy eyes.

This necklace is made for me!

After providing the necessary introductions to the item and its creator, Marcus began the bid at twenty million.

Aside from the students and their parents, many affluent alumni of Jadeborough University were in attendance at the charity auction that night. Though it was common for rare and exorbitant items up for bids in an event like that, the necklace was by far the most expensive.

Trisha’s eyes shone at the sight of the necklace. “Oh, how pretty…” she blurted longingly.

“Do you like it?” Arielle turned to glance at Trisha.

“Oh, no, no. Not at all!” she cried, afraid that Arielle was going to spend lavishly on her. “I just thought it looked pretty, that’s all. I wouldn’t feel comfortable wearing it on my neck in public.”

“Are you sure you don’t want it?”

“I don’t want it. Thank you.” Trisha shook her head firmly.

Though her family was well off, twenty million for a necklace was ludicrous, even for Trisha. It would be a burden to own and protect such an expensive necklace. Besides, it would be unreasonable for Arielle to foot the bill for me.

“All right, then.” Arielle smiled. “I was going to gift it to you.”

“There really is no need for you to spend that kind of money.”

Wendy sighed in relief at the row in front of them. She’s not going to try to outbid me this time.

Though she was not sure if Arielle was boasting about having twenty million to spare for a necklace, Wendy could not shake the uncomfortable feeling that she seemed to fail miserably at everything Arielle decided to meddle in. Upon knowing that Arielle was disinterested in the necklace, Wendy felt relieved to know that the night would end with her having something nice to bring home.

On that positive note, Wendy raised her paddle hopefully.

“Twenty-five million!”

By starting the bid with a dominant offer, she was sending a clear signal to other potential bidders that she was intent on walking away with the necklace.

Hopefully, that would discourage anybody who is even considering taking this away from me.

“Twenty-five million, going once…” Marcus raised his gavel.

“One hundred million,” said a voice from the back of the auditorium.

The crowd gasped as once.

A hundred million! Is this a joke?

Along with the crowd, Arielle craned her neck toward the source of the voice.

A tall silhouette emerged slowly from the back door of the auditorium. His handsome and roguish face, which bore an attractive smirk, became illuminated as he passed under one of the spotlights.

With his good looks, brash bid, and startling glow of the black earring he wore, the crowd felt unable to tear their eyes away from him.

Arielle froze in disbelief upon recognizing him.

It’s him…

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